When Apple originally launched iTunes it revolutionized device-to-computer media sync software. But after years of leaving the app largely unchanged, users have started calling for a revamp. In this day in age, iTunes feels antiquated.

Luckily, there are a couple of ways around using iTunes to transfer media from your iOS device to your computer, and vice versa. Using file transfer software, you can move virtually anything from your iDevice to your Windows PC or Mac and back again.

DigiDNA’s DiskAid 5 has received an update that enables iOS to Mac OS X or Windows transfers. The app comes in both a free and paid version, and it could keep you from needing to use iTunes ever again.

The free version allows unlimited file transfers from any iOS device to any computer and gives you access to the iOS file system and Camera Roll. You can also use the free version to turn your device into a portable USB storage drive.

The paid version of the app is definitely more capable. It allows you to transfer music, videos, contacts, call history, and even text messages to your computer. It doesn’t come cheap, though. It’ll cost you a cool $25 to license the software.

If you want to give DiskAid 5 a shot, you can download it from DigiDNA’s website.

What’s your favorite iOS file transfer app?

[Hat tip to iClarified]

  • sux, still requires itunes installed…

    not useful!

  • I can spare $25 for this app, there are lots on songs i dont have on my mac, since i manage my iTunes manually, this will help get back all my iPhone music. Thanks

  • Just a shame it has to connect via usb

    • that’s really a big problem since iTunes got a wifi sync.

  • ifunbox

  • Anonymous

    i-Funbox is cool…

  • Anonymous

    iFunBox rules! 🙂

  • if you’re a student you get a 2 year license free. I use this app to transfer over my lectures bc iTunes doesn’t always do it..a great application!

  • Dan

    if it can sync everything, might give this a go. I absolutely hate iTunes.

    I don’t mind about the cable, I disabled wifi-sync, itunes popping up everytime I got close to my pc drove me crazy. I prefer to sync when I want to.

    • Anonymous

      how is that a problem? why not just deselect “Open iTunes when the (device) is connected” box. works fine for me, iTunes never opens unless i open it 🙂

  • Dosent let you tranfer music files for free…iFunBox is good but dosent work on older gen iPods, this does.

  • if you have open ssh installed on your iPhone, you can ssh into it weird! really fast! You just go under the file system folder and then ur in!

  • Anonymous

    I actually just checked this out the other day. Not any i-FunBox replacement, but certainly an alternative tool to use. Probably will use both depending on the need that has to be accomplished. Yes it requires iTunes due to its interaction with the AppleMobileDevice service. iTunes components seem to be the defacto for iDevice mgmt, even by 3rd party tools. (Cant remember if any of the CopyTrans suit requires it though)

  • iFunBox is a great iTunes alternative to installing and backing up apps. It also does other things, even with non-jailbroken devices. But when you jailbreak your device, the big guns come out.

  • I like photosync very easy to use and all transfers goes over wifi 🙂