If Apple wasn’t looking to use Retina displays in its upcoming tablet before, you better believe it is now. BGR is reporting that Samsung is looking to beat the iPad 3 to market next year with an 11-inch tablet that will feature an all new Retina display.

Rumors of Apple’s third generation slate, expected sometime early next year, housing a display with Retina-like resolution have been flying about for the past few months. But recent reports of manufacturing problems seem to have suppressed the gossip…

BGR’s source says that the Korean company plans to unveil its new tablet at Mobile World Congress in February next year. The slate will feature an 11.6″ display with a staggering 2560 x 1600 resolution and a dual-core Exynos 2 GHZ processor.

BGR doesn’t have the best track record as of late, but its close relationship with Samsung lends a bit of credibility to the story. It also isn’t too far-fetched to think that one of the top electronics manufacturers in the world has such a tablet in the works.

Samsung and Apple aren’t only in the middle of an ongoing patent war, they are also in a fight for the top smartphone and tablet spots. And between Apple’s next slate possibly featuring Siri-support and quad-core processors, and Samsung’s above-mentioned iPad competitor, it’ll be interesting to see what the market landscape looks like in 2012.


    • If Samsung died, those phones would have not existed.

    • Anonymous

      Yes they should

  • Thomas Gehman

    It’s running Andriod! Not iOS! That’s partly why the iPad has sold so much more.

    • Jon Garrett

      they wont be selling any iPads in China, apple just lost a lawsuit there due to the name iPad already belonging to a company that’s had that name for more than 10 years now.

      hmm, reminds me of the iPhone too, a name stolen from Infogear/Linksys.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how they got figure out how to develop that screen…oh yeah. Apple hire them to make it…but then again they stole it.

    • What exactly did they steal? High resolution screens?

      • Jon Garrett

        And that’s exactly the point I was making. but Noooooooo, not on iDB. you’ll get misinformed readers relying on biased information and one-sided reporting and the isheep come out in droves, drooling over something like this.


    • Jon Garrett

      they wont use retina, they’ll use super amoled plus which is better than Retina, why would they want to take a step backwards by using an inferior display.

      you should Google this story and stop relying on a site like this for all your information, 9 times outta 10 you’re not going to get the full or correct story here.

      truly sad.

      • They already have the super AMOLED display on the galaxy S2 and it’s not better. Take a look at what LG did with super IPS which has 3x better color accuracy while consuming less power than the super AMOLED.

        Steve jobs was right on the ball again with IPS. I’m pretty sure apple will go with super IPS or something that will be better.

        Samsung Will do what it does best, copy apple and risk another infringement on patent wars or cry about it on its commercial.

      • Jon Garrett

        the Galaxy S II does NOT have a super Amoled display, it has a Super Amoled Pus display and it is most certainly superior to the retina display. if you read reviews from 3rd part sites like techno buffalo, engaget, pocket lint and others, they ALL agree that the Super Amoled Plus display is superior to the retina display, ONLY on biased apple sites like this do you get people saying retina is better. If you want to see for yourself, let me know and I’ll post a youtube video running games, websites and images on both my iPhone 4 with Retina display and my Galaxy S II with its Super Amoled Plus display.

        Unless you dont believe your own eyes, you’ll see for yourself how much better SA+ is over Retina.

        as for this news about a “retina” display Samsung Tablet, its being called that because of the resolution !!! and not the technology, again, this is what you get when you get your information from iDB. stop being lazy, do your own research and see what others are saying so you can get the WHOLE story and not just the parts that make apple look good.

        seriously, its really disturbing how ignorant people can be.

      • Imagine that, Jon Garrett trying to stir the pot in the comments section again. Just to clear things up, no where in the article does it say that Samsung’s Retina display was copied from Apple. BGR, the publication that broke the story, called it a Retina display, so naturally so did we. And you are correct, a display is called that because of its resolution, it’s not a technology. And the article never said it was. I’m fine with you trying to spout off Android specs like you know something, but stop pointing fingers at iDB for unfair reporting.

        Thanks for reading!

      • Funny how isheeps still think their iphone display is better when it is so small. Looking at an iphone screen reminds me of looking at those blackberry relatively to today’s more advance smartphone.

  • Dan

    ahhhh Samsung, what else will they copy next… samCloud?

    • Jon Garrett

      They wont have to, iCloud is already under attack by Motorola, patent infringement. apple now as a dual core phone and where do you think they got that idea from? quad core phones with 720p displays are also on the streets and what do you think the iPhone 5 will have?

      you people kill me.

  • hahaha this idiot Jan Garrett, very comical. Trolling at its finest! You mad bro?

    • Jon Garrett

      Troll on this. Samsung debut a 2560×1600 display earlier this summer. the so called iPad 3 retina display will be about 2048×1536. the Samsung display WAS THE INDUSTRIES FIRST DISPLAY AT THIS RESOLUTION !!

      apple didn’t even produce a working display while Samsung did.

      but again, you get your info from iDB so 9 times outta 10 you dont even get the whole story or you only get the bits that favor apple.

      unlike you, I do research….every day. so people like you can hate because I try to find out whats going on in the tech world while you’re content to just be another iFollower totally (and blisfully) ignorant of FACTS.

      so if finding out the truth or the WHOLE story makes me a troll then please nominate me for troll of the year.

      and yes., I do have an iPhone 4.

      • Bro, calm your shit. No offence, but you kind of getting annoying. If you don’t like IDB, then don’t read it. I don’t understand why you have to comment on everyone else’s comment in a negative way.

      • Jon Garrett

        calm your own sh!t. if you don’t like my comments., don’t read them….better yet, don’t reply to them. last time I checked this was a free country.

        Im entitled to my opinion as much as you are. I swear you people take your worship of apple too far. taking comments as if its some personal attack on you. get over yourself.

      • Dude Jon, why so negative man, are you on your rag? Us here like iDB, go cry somewhere else and lighten up, try Angry Birds, it’s fun!

      • Jon Garrett

        negative, you insult me because I have an opinion and you wanna know why Im so negative? are you serious?

  • jo-macral

    With competition comes great products, from both Samsung and Apple. My personal preference however is iOS, so it will not doubt be the iPad 3 for me.

  • Anonymous

    i prefer ios, so ipad 3 for me

  • Jon Garrett got nothing better to do. he looks like a nonsense guy got fired, so he have lots of free time. lol. why not you say samsung was lucky enough to have apple who come out phones with multi touch screen, pinch zoom, application store, phone packing and etc. so each and every of the company got their goal in life?

    and you don’t look like you can afford an iPhone, samsung is much cheaper. so yea…..

    • Jon Garrett

      apple didn’t invent touch screen, they didn’t invent capacitive touch screen, they didn’t invent the smart phone, they didn’t invent the tablet, they didn’t invent the GUI, they didn’t invent the icon grid matrix, they didn’t invent mobile apps, they didn’t invent mobile app stores. they didn’t invent any of the things you give them credit for so…

      Why not say Apple was lucky enough to have other companies come out with these things and apple got their goal in life?

      I don’t look like I can afford an iPhone?!?!? I thought you were an adult until I read that line. go to my YouTube channel and see how many devices I own, all the latest tablets AND phones.

      at least Ive actually used the devices I talk about.

      • i’m saying Apple was first for multi touch screen on phone boy. i know samsung came out before Apple in those stupid “single touch”. hahaha.

        Apple was the first companies who bring GUI in desktop company for consumer before Google was born dude after 30years and before Microsoft. yes Apple didn’t invent tablet but the reinvented the tablet, giving it better looks.

        You did so many YouTube video, you don’t know how tablets look like before/after Apple’s iPad and don’t know who bring GUI into mainstream? God, why each and every manufacture change their device to multitouch screen? stay on resistance touch screen then? Apple was the first to bring AppStore for application like a hub on mobile phone.

      • Jon Garrett

        you’re dumb and your grammar is very poor.

      • That’s because he is an asian, look as his name yi chung? rofl

    • lol what a isheep comment. Who say samsung phone cheaper? are you living in the 200x? How much does Galaxy note cost again? On the contrary, even it is cheaper, it only means android users are not getting ripped off like isheeps get ripped off from apple. Again, unless you are the shareholder or something, don’t come brag about how much more expensive iphones cost.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung only means to compete , no matter what , they stay losing

  • I work at a recycling company and I see a lot of Samsung TVA coming in that are busted. I never see any other brand of tv. They don’t last very long.