Apple Opens Up Apple TV Show Streaming to Canada, Australia, and UK

By , Dec 8, 2011

Earlier this year, Apple seeded iOS 4.3 for Apple TV owners. Among the update’s new features was the ability to stream previously-purchased TV shows from iTunes to the living room via Apple’s new iCloud service.

For some reason though the feature has been limited to folks inside the US… until now. Reports are coming in that Apple has finally opened up pre-purchased TV show streaming to Apple TV owners in other countries…

Although Apple hasn’t made an official announcement yet, several sites are reporting that the streaming feature is now working in the UK, Australia, and Canada. Now users in those countries can download pre-purchased TV shows directly from their TV sets.

The update seems to have been pushed out over-the-air, so you shouldn’t have to download anything new. To ensure you are on the most current software, simply turn on your Apple TV, locate the Settings tab, select General, and then Update.

Any Apple TV users outside of the US seeing the new feature?


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  • Chris Smith

    I am in the UK and have a apple tv 1 and 2 and there is nothing showing yet

    • Jason Masters

      Sometimes you have to disconnect and reconnect to the web to let it kick in

  • Chris Smith

    this still is not showing up so guess it never happened here in the UK