As you guys may know, my main job at iDownloadBlog is to create videos for everything from tweak and app reviews, to product reviews. Millions of people have watched our videos, and the amount of subscribers grow each day.

Considering this, my primary editing machine was getting a bit long in the tooth; I needed something to pep it up to keep up with the demand of video tutorials and walkthroughs. I needed a Solid State Drive.

But I wasn’t planning on going to Apple or buying a whole new iMac just for an SSD. Nope, I planned on doing this myself. It wasn’t easy, and at times it was downright frustrating. But I did it. To celebrate, I’ve created a video that showcases the entire 3 hour install in under 3 minutes

In the end, I’m so glad I did this, as my iMac is a million times faster now. Halfway through the process, I was starting to doubt myself, and second-guess my decision. The LCD is very heavy, and there are so many tiny screws and connectors that I felt like I might break something.

Thankfully, I came out completely unscathed. In fact, I could probably do it again in less than an hour. Part of that is due to a handy tutorial I was able to find online. This tutorial by Brian Tobey is truly a life saver. If you’re at all interested in doing this feel free to ask me, but I highly recommend checking out the tutorial I referred to.

So, what do you guys think? Did I make the right decision, or am I downright crazy for even attempting this? Thanks to Sebastien for convincing me to make this video!

  • Off topic: i dont like at all the new background for mobile.

    • What do you mean?

    • On topic: the mobile background has been the same for the last 13 months

  • dang you have same imac as i do, well i don’t have SSD hehehe not really needed it. But having would be nice i should purchase one on black friday like $70 for 128gb.

  • Anonymous

    That is a lot of screws lol

  • I’m definitly not saying pc’s are better than macs, but this process is appearently 3 hours for the mac vs 15 minutes on the pc. The video is actually a really nice indication that a pc is for tinkerers and a mac for casual users. The latter one being way more appealing to me personaly.

    So, more power to you, Jeff, for doing it yourselfe, but a bit crazy aswell.

  • Damn that sucks, only took me 10 minutes to swap hard drives in my MacBook 😛 *note to self, DO NOT buy an iMac.

  • Ok, I just watched this video for the first time and I have to say that you outdid yourself, Jeff. I mean, the whole SSD setup is cool but it wouldn’t be THAT cool without the terrific editing job you did. The music is great. The font and effects used are perfect for this video. Congrats, and keep them coming!

  • corsair SSD?

  • Wow! That is crazy so many screws lol and disconnecting to get to the drive! Nice job tho

  • Good job. That’s solid state drive sure is fast . I wish my computer booted up that fast

  • lolz..U r darn crazy to even attempt this..

  • Jeff how did you remember where every screw went, what was your layout to that?

  • Mathew Rice

    Hey Jeff,
    Seen this? –
    They make a part (SZ-IMACSSDBAYMT-02) and sell it as a kit for 2011 iMac’s that allows you to professionally mount the SSD inside the mac (no sticky adhesive needed).

    Personally, I find the engineering and effort put into creating an iMac amazing, from the outside to the inside. The component from keeps that idea alive.

    Nice video though, like @Sebastien said, “you outdid yourself”.
    Would love to see a revised video with a pro component install though. Seeing as you say the second time around shouldn’t take you half as long, what say you? :p

  • Jeff is that a MOBiLE CLOTH i see you using to clean the screen? 😉

  • Is this possible on a 27″ iMac, late 2009?
    Or is there any part like Mathew that i can use?


    wow – nice job