Flipboard has released its official app for the iPhone. If you don’t know what Flipboard is, it is an interactive magazine for the iPad (now iPhone) that has one of the most beautifully designed interfaces around.

The iPhone version introduces “Cover Stories,” which is a selection of interesting articles and photos displayed in a gorgeous layout. One thing to note is that the Cover Stories feature is currently iPhone-only and is being brought to the iPad in the near future. 

What’s New in Version 1.7

★ New iPhone edition puts the power of Flipboard in your pocket.

★ Cover Stories for iPhone, a selection of interesting articles and photos being shared with you right now. And it gets smarter every time you use it. (Coming soon to iPad.)

★ Speed. Flip through pages as you would through a printed magazine, all with the flick of a thumb.

★ Flipboard Accounts:

– Sign into your Flipboard from either iPhone or iPad and get instant access to all your favorite content.

– Check out All Timelines. Flip through a single feed containing all articles and all photos being shared across all your social networks.

Flipboard for iPhone also includes a new featured dubbed “Speed” that lets you flip through pages like a printed magazine with a flick of a thumb.

Flipboard for iPhone is an amazing app and should be tried at least once. You can get Flipboard for your iPhone for free in the App Store.

Below are some screenshots of Flipboard for iPhone:

How do you like Flipboard’s new iPhone app?

  • I was unable to find it in app store from the iphone, so I searched in itunes on my pc, where I did find it. But in iPad section, not in iPhone section. Nice job )))

  • Just installed the flipboard app on my iPhone. It’s fantastic!! I’ve been using feedly for a while but this might just replace it.

  • Erigmac X

    Finally, I’ve been waiting this for ages

  • Seems pretty cool.

  • very well polished and simple to use app. RSS twitter tumbler… name it and u can add it! wow great app

  • hey dude what do u think of iphone 4s?

  • I was wondering if they was ever going to release this for the iPhone and I’m glad they
    did so far no problems and the app looks fantastic !

  • will give this a try… currently using Pulse news but this one looks promising

  • Anonymous

    very nice app thx IDB

  • Somebody knows how to add rss feeds to Flipboard???

  • For anyone has trouble getting started with flipboard, this is the company update: Due to high demand, our service is currently down, we are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
    …you might want to read it http://getsatisfaction.com/flipboard/updates/recent

  • Not working here. Crashing on startup.

  • I cant start/build my Flipboard, any help???

  • I downloaded it to my iphone but i cant get it to load