It seems like it’s been done a million times before, so why not a million and one? Yes, Slider Enhancer is a new jailbreak tweak that brings custom text to iOS’ iconic “Slide to Unlock” bar.

Tweaks like Springtomize 2 and others already have such functions built in, but if you’re looking for a standalone app that’s free, Slider Enhancer could be exactly what you need…

Slider Enhancer adds six customization options to your iDevice’s Lock screen. These include: battery percentage, clock, Wifi network name, IP address, free RAM, and a custom text label for when you’re feeling really creative.

It’s a free tweak that works just as advertised. If your device is jailbroken and you’re on iOS 4 or higher, you can download it today from Cydia.

What are your thoughts on these standalone tweaks? Do apps like Springtomize 2 make them irrelevant, or is there still room for them?

  • Dan

    I’d prefer a tweak that allowed us to change the look of the slider imo, this one is kind of boring

    • Anonymous

      same here. they wouldn’t have to be anything great just something different than the stock version

    • Anonymous

      🙂 should rename app to SliderMessage since it doesn’t enhance anything else.

  • Anonymous

    Boring and it doesn’t have the tweak that I use which is to get rid off the slider, button, text and background. In other words, I make everything INVISIBLE.

  • Anonymous

    Springtomize 2 makes this tweak useless.

  • Imahottguy

    This tweak is simple and sweet, plus it works as advertised! Other tweaks don’t put wifi SSID, free RAM, etc in place of the slide to unlock text, so this is unique (in my opinion). Also, the Activator event for custom text is a nice touch. 4/5 stars. What I would like to see: ability to change color and opacity of the text, and maybe even the font? Springtomize is nice, but this is also free..

  • Tamika S Coy

    Jeff, how do you get round UI buttons on your iPhone?