The Pwn Dev Team has released a major update to their jailbreak tool, Ac1dSn0w. The tool was made available to the world a couple of weeks ago as an alternative to other apps for jailbreaking, like RedSn0w and PwnageTool.

Ac1dSn0w Beta 2 supposedly fixes the copyright infringement issues that the original beta possessed. The download file size has also been significantly reduced from over 100MB to about 11MB.

From the Pwn Dev Team blog:


Beta 2:

  • Fixed legal issue
  • Fixed problems with ramdisk (black screen)
  • Removed boot logo

Supported Devices (iOS5/iOS5.0.1):

  • iPhone 3Gs
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch 4 G
  • iPad 1

Ac1dSn0w still offers a tethered jailbreak. Because we have been led to believe by other jailbreak developers that this release of Ac1dSn0w is indeed legal, we have added the Beta 2 download link to our Downloads page. You can also see our dedicated Ac1dSn0w tutorial for Beta 1 to learn how to jailbreak with the tool — the steps have remained exactly the same. Ac1dSn0w is only available on the Mac.

You may be asking why you should use Ac1dSn0w, and, honestly, we can’t give you a good reason at the moment. Currently, the tool offers nothing more than (actually, it technically offers less features) other prominent jailbreak tools like, RedSn0w.

The developers of Ac1dSn0w have promised that big things are coming for Ac1dSn0w users, like the ability to remotely jailbreak an iDevice, but the current Beta 2 offers nothing to make you jump ship from what you’re already using to jailbreak.

  • The more developers we have, the greater is the chance for fast progrss 😉

    • it’s going to be faster if all the developers working together

  • Good article, I also wonder what the advantages are of remote jailbreaking.

  • Ken P

    “The download file size has also been significantly reduced from over 100MB to about 11MB.”

    What did they cut out that added up to 89MB? Yikes.

  • Kent Lee

    remotely jailbreak ? who needs that ?

  • This is just the jailbreak code from redsnow imported into there tool..they are clever enough to creat such a tool , but they have not wrote the code that does the jailbreak .. There are only 2 teams that do this ..and there is only one solo person that can do this..until this new team comes out with there own jailbreak that’s not been done by others (dev team ,CD team, or are favourite hacker GEOHOT) there tool is just a mere tool that can get the job done…just like sn0wbreze , but iH8snow has created other tools that are very usefull for us to use…and for that he belongs with the for mentioned …

    • I’d love to see Geohot now, since isn’t he working for Apple?? I think that’s right.

  • But that’s a tethered JB. what about un-tethered ?

  • Actually, it does add something (for me at least) when i boot tethered, i dont have to find or use an .ipsw which frees up around a gig of hd space. thats worth it if you ask me.