Showing off some photos or videos shot on your iPhone with a group of friends is usually kind of a pain since not many of us like to pass our iPhones around. If only there was an iPhone projector!

Well, with a few household items, you can make your own iPhone/iPod projector within minutes.

A member of the Instructables website named “Imalegend” created this DIY iPhone projector using only a shoebox, duct tape, marker, magnifying glass, and a few legos. A knife and a hot glue gun are also needed to create the awesome projector, but these are all things that are usually pretty easy to find. According to the creator, the project only cost him about $1 since he already had most of the items laying around.

To make the projector, the magnifying glass is placed on one side of the shoebox while the iPhone or iPod is placed directly behind it on the other side (held up by the lego bricks, or even better, an iPhone stand). All holes on the box should be covered to prevent unwanted light from coming in. This little trick works by the light of the cellphone going through the magnifying glass and than being projected onto the wall or projector screen.

This is a pretty simple project that can also be used on other small gadgets and phones. Visit Instructables for detailed step-by-step instructions. Let us know if any of you guys try it out and how it goes for you in the comment section below!


  • I can’t see it being bright enough to display a detailed image, would be interested to see a picture of the final result though.

  • Anonymous

    Its like watching an image after 20 rounds of boxing with Mike Tyson.

  • Painman

    This is so lame and just underlines Apples lack of connectivity.

    Either fork out £99 for AppleTV or buy a shobox. So lame

  • Dan

    can’t imagine this working well

  • Anonymous

    Can I haz HD?

  • Anonymous

    Can I haz HD?

  • Mille Løvkvist

    Did everything right, doesn’t work – not even close. The image is just white blurry light, no matter which video/position you use.