If you’ve ever wondered what Apple called its various releases of iOS when building them internally, then you’re in luck. Developer and general internet fiend Steve Troughton-Smith has shared the internal code names Apple gave to all of its iOS version, starting way back at iOS 1.0.

While these names may not have the sugary goodness that Google’s Android builds posses, it is still interesting to see the code names out in the wild, while also perhaps getting an answer as to why Apple gave iOS the default login password all jailbreakers have come to rely on…

First, here’s the full rundown of all the iOS internal code names beginning at iOS 1.0 and ending all the way at iOS 5.1.

  • 1.0: Alpine (1.0.0 – 1.0.2: Heavenly)
  • 1.1: Little Bear (1.1.1: Snowbird, 1.1.2: Oktoberfest)
  • 2.0: Big Bear
  • 2.1: Sugarbowl
  • 2.2: Timberline
  • 3.0: Kirkwood
  • 3.1: Northstar
  • 3.2: Wildcat (iPad only)
  • 4.0: Apex
  • 4.1: Baker
  • 4.2: Jasper (4.2.5 – 4.2.10: Phoenix)
  • 4.3: Durango
  • 5.0: Telluride
  • 5.1: Hoodoo

If you cast your gaze to the first name on that list, you will notice that iOS 1.0 was given the name “Alpine” by Apple’s engineers. If you’re of the jailbreaking persuasion then you may also know that the default password for every iPhone when connecting over SSH is, you guessed it, “alpine.”

Coincidence? Probably not. And while ultimately this doesn’t tell us anything useful, it’s still pretty interesting!

  • Anonymous

    And from now on, every jailbreaker out there shall change “Alpine” to something more personal and meaningful. For jailbreaking is all about being different. Amen.

  • Kok Hean


  • Oktoberfest is a good one. 😀

    • David Alonso Villamizar Lizcan

      Saw a movie about that yesterday lol

  • Anonymous

    They are all listen on Wikipedia. Not that big of a deal.

    • Anonymous

      Listed not listen.

  • Telluride <3


  • Oktoberfest… That must of been a fun weekend when thay came up with that…

  • Someone on the iOS team must be a big snowboarder/skier!

  • I love “durango” coz it had a untrhr JB already..hehe

  • im running on telluride:P

  • These are all Ski resorts in the US. Interesting.

  • so many Oregon places!

  • so many Oregon places!