During Apple’s Black Friday sale last week, the company knocked $41 off of its 16GB tablet. The price was among the best we had seen all year for the new iPad 2, as Apple doesn’t typically discount its current generation products.

But that deal doesn’t hold a candle to the sale that TJ Maxx has going on this weekend. The discount retailer that typically deals in overstocked and out of season clothing is apparently offering iPad 2s at a major discount…

The Verge reported last night that a tipster had given them the heads up that TJ Maxx would be holding a door-buster sale on 16GB iPad 2s today (Wi-Fi), knocking $100 off their usual $499 price tag. The retailer hosted a similar sale last year with first-generation iPads.

The site was even able to produce an actual TJ Maxx price card, showing the discount, so it would appear that the sale is legitimate. But supplies seem to be limited. Stores are rumored to only be receiving 25 tablets, and not all locations are participating in the sale.

Were you able to score $100 off an iPad 2?

  • How much you wanna bet this sale gets pulled now thanks to the bloggers telling everybody thanks idb……

    • G

      Do you need a tissue, bro?

      If you didn’t figure – the whole exsisance of these blogs is to post news on Apple, and their products.

      As this would appear to be one of the lowest legit prices around for an iPad 2 I’d say it’s pretty ‘news-worthy’, no?

      Take care 🙂

  • Actually UPDATE apparently it’s a huge hoax tj maxx is not currently selling any iPads at all call them yourself and you will see just got off the phone with them and they asked where I got the info from I told the idownloadblog.com and they were shocked to see this info when they were not even selling it!
    Looks like one that got through the cracks here lol oh well no cheap iPad 2 for us!

    • G

      Too funny!

      You cry about the story being put on, but yet you immediately phone them, presumably to try and make a purchase.

      Good work, kiddo.

      • Lol yeah I cry because once the masses know its over with I’d rather be the only one to snag one lol!!

      • Lupius

        I think the correct term for you is the modern phrase “self-entitled douchebag”.

    • Lupius

      The comment section of the source article at the Verge disagrees.

    • Anonymous

      As the last line in the article states, not all TJ Maxx locations are participating in the sale. So we wouldn’t be surprised if your local store didn’t have them.
      As other sites have speculated, this is more likely a publicity stunt than a fire sale.
      Since TJ Maxx is probably taking a $100 hit per tablet, it would be nearly impossible for them to put iPads in every store.
      But it’s been confirmed, the story is totally legitimate. We’ve seen multiple receipts and price tags from different people showing iPad 2s at $399.

      Thanks for reading!

  • ronald de guzman
    • cory carlson

      So? What is with the link? We all know they had them last year. We are talking about iPad 2 today 12-3-2011.

  • I do too. I was able to get one from a store that had 10. I’m in the md-dc-va area and out of about 16 stores only 3 had them and they went FAST

  • East coast only deal

  • Is this the one Cartman didn’t want to settle for at Best Buy or was that just the Nokia HandyBook? lmfao!

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  • RK

    Was able to get 2. Purchased one, walked to my car dropped it off, walked – well, ran back for another. Legit sale.