During Apple’s Black Friday sale last week, the company knocked $41 off of its 16GB tablet. The price was among the best we had seen all year for the new iPad 2, as Apple doesn’t typically discount its current generation products.

But that deal doesn’t hold a candle to the sale that TJ Maxx has going on this weekend. The discount retailer that typically deals in overstocked and out of season clothing is apparently offering iPad 2s at a major discount…

The Verge reported last night that a tipster had given them the heads up that TJ Maxx would be holding a door-buster sale on 16GB iPad 2s today (Wi-Fi), knocking $100 off their usual $499 price tag. The retailer hosted a similar sale last year with first-generation iPads.

The site was even able to produce an actual TJ Maxx price card, showing the discount, so it would appear that the sale is legitimate. But supplies seem to be limited. Stores are rumored to only be receiving 25 tablets, and not all locations are participating in the sale.

Were you able to score $100 off an iPad 2?