Up until Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S last month, the internet was flooded with rumors about the new device. Some rumors turned out to be true, others (most of them) were just plain BS.

We reported on all of these rumors because we thought it was our duty to inform you so that you could make the decision on whether a particular rumor was well founded or not. But by the time Apple showed the iPhone 4S to the world, we were all burned out by the rumor mill. We iDB writers were tired of them all, so we decided not to publish rumors any more.

If you’re a regular reader, you have probably noticed that we haven’t published many rumors lately. We just published the one or two that came from trusted sources, like The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times. Everything else hasn’t made it on iDB.

But for every rumor we don’t publish, we receive a few emails tipping us about those exact stories. We always thought that, like us, you were tired of these rumors, but apparently not, which is why we’d like to get your opinion on the matter…

To me, there are two ways to go about it, and to be honest, I prefer option two because, as I mentioned above, our goal is to keep you informed about what’s going on.

Option 1: We keep doing what we’ve been doing for the last month, meaning we only report on rumors that come from a trustworthy, well-respected publication, such as The New York Times or AllThingsD. As far as I can tell, we’ve only reported once on these types of rumors in the last month. If we go this way, it means that we will skip between 1-3 arbitrary rumors a day.

Option 2: We go back to the old model and write about most rumors circulating online, except for the obviously fake or ridiculous ones. We’ll make sure to start every post title with “Rumor,” so you know what to expect. This way, you can decide to read the post or not, and more importantly, we keep you informed and you make your own decision whether this rumor has a basis for truth or not.

If you care about the future of rumor reporting on iDB, please take this poll below and let us know what you think by leaving a comment. As always, your opinion is very important to us, which is why we’re asking for your feedback.

  • Sure. It’s fun to see mockups and those you wouldn’t find if it wasn’t for this site.

    • I agree. Really reputable rumours, as well as mockups, are informative and entertaining. As for what’s considered reputable, we’ll let you know if you get it wrong.

    • There should be a Third option: Report like always, like the iphone 4S rumors… but not SO MUCH. Just the necessary. OR make a section “RUMORS” and dump everything there. Like tweets, or short articles. But not the home page flooded with rumors . Nice website keep it up congratulations .

      • I agree with Lucas.

        You are my go to site for iphone news(mostly for jailbreak news), I still have Gizmodo and Engadget in my feed but never read them anymore, but the iPhone 5 rumor mill was ridiculous and extremely annoying, even before we all learned that there was no iPhone 5. Then it just made you guys look like idiots and justified being annoyed by the multiple daily rumors and I was tempted on many occasions to delete you guys from my feed.

        If I have to choose between no rumors and all rumors I will go with no rumors, but surely there is a middle ground.

  • ehi

    nope, never!

  • No 🙂

  • As if there’s not enough Apple rumors around the net… unless there’s a way to completely hide rumor posts here per user, don’t do it, please.

  • Yes. I find myself checking iDB like 7 times a day for new news

    • Anonymous

      You need a job, and/or a Life!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to break it to you man, but news are not the same as rumors.

  • Anonymous

    I dont mind the rumors 3 months before launch, but not a year before.

  • Think about that option:

    Creting every week an article that covers the rumors of a week.
    Maybe called something like, “Top iPhone Rumors you missed this week” or so.
    I would like that.

  • no the only reason i come to this site is because its not littered with crap like that. nearly all the rumors are false anyway, like the iphone 5, 4″ screen, LTE, dualband, etc…

  • Rumors are a big part of the iCosystem and there is no avoiding them, If you can’t beat them at least join them. I don’t have any problem with rumors.

  • Jobran

    after the release of 4S.. i don’t like to hear about any new iphone rumors. well we already know that the next phone is probably 5 and blah blah blah… give us android stuff reviews.

  • Is there not an entire website devoted to apple rumors????? Stick to the facts

  • I think it’s good as long as it has facts to support it. Not just an estimate over when something will be released.

  • I love rumors, they keep us entertained. Is like the equivalent to hollywood gossip for nerds and geeks like us!

  • Anonymous

    Rumor: iPhone 5 to be able to fly you anywhere you want for free (data plan required)

    • Jeffrey Rittenour

      I had this predicted 5 years ago. But didn’t really think about the required data plan. But I guess its reasonable lol

  • It starts of a few good posts…keep them coming…

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care either way

  • Jon Manning

    No. Make a different site or at least a different twitter feed for the rumors. There is no reason to post hypotheticals. They aren’t accurate enough nor do they do the Apple any favors. People were upset that the 4S didn’t “meet expectations” when the expectations came from the rumors and the rumors came from people with mediocre sources. Sorry, but NO.

  • In the end I don’t really care, if you report rumors, I’ll read them.

    But, there are already so many – 9to5mac, mac rumors, mac stories, daring fireball, etc… the list goes on. Getting an exclusive isn’t easy, and reposting old rumors is redundant.

    I would rather see an uptake in Cydia / Jailbreak info. There are so few resources of solid JB info (there are plenty of site, but most are ugly, uninformed, cumbersome, or have writers who call themselves HaXoRs). Trustworthy Jailbreak news is your niche, and then some, and I’d love to see more.

  • Tech blogs mis-reporting rumors on the iPhone 5 is what KILLED STEVE JOBS.

  • nooooo I like it because it is clean of stupid rummors !

  • Anonymous

    NO NO NO NO NO! I promised myself that after this whole iPhone 4s/5 fiasco that i was done with rumors and i come here everyday because there’s none of that here. Please sweet jesus NO MORE RUMORS!

  • Noooo Please we are full of rumors that the only result at the end is to be disappointed!!!

  • Noooo you do not need more work that will make busy from the real news… important, in other hand do more jailbreak tweeks like “SAM”…

  • There should be a Third option: Report like always, like the iphone 4S rumors… but not SO MUCH. Just the necessary. OR make a section “RUMORS” and dump everything there. Like tweets, or short articles. But not the home page flooded with rumors . Nice website keep it up congratulations.

  • Rumors are cool but just don’t post the same ones 3-4 times a day. Tired if wondering if im going back and forth in my feed or not.
    And for the love of Jebus will you guys stop posting to twitter with big-ass amounts of line breaks!!! Makes the feed look like garbage!

    • Not sure what you’re talking about regarding line breaks in Twitter. It looks fine on my end and I never got any complaint about anything like that. You sure it’s not you Twitter client acting up?

  • jo-macral

    I need rumors.. I thrive on them! Without rumors, I may starve or go into technical atrophy. Please, post rumors again.. keep us informed!

  • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

    What about make a new page for rumors? (in one of the tabs on top?

  • no rumors pls damn it!

  • Option #1 please.

  • Kok Hean

    Why not have a separate segment on iDownloadBlog for rumors?

  • Anonymous

    Only solid rumors please, don’t encourage the evil analysts! The disgust me!

  • Report rumors if you want to lose readers

  • hellome

    no!!! this is why i like this site. other sites over post that garbage!

  • Anonymous

    Post, post, post, and post some more.

    I love iDB because all the other blogs (engadget, macrumors, the verge) seem to have like a 9 to 5 schedule monday through friday and take the weekends off. I work weekends and like to check the tech news on my breaks and all those other sites have the same story up for a day or two and then I go on iDB and there is something to NEW to read, I love it.

  • You should do something similar to Google News – we choose what we want to read and it gets saved in our browser cookies. I suggest saving these settings in our Disqus accounts, but I don’t think that’s possible.


  • Marco Ferrazzo

    Maybe add whether or not it’s a rumor from a trustworthy source and all other rumors can be started with [Crazy] or [Just For Laughs]. Something like that.

  • Anonymous


  • Please do not. I like IDB because I am not bothered by the rumors that are almost exactly same as other sites.