There’s a new jailbreak in town, and it isn’t for the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Research In Motion PlayBook tablet has been jailbroken. For the first time in the Blackberry maker’s history, hackers have gained root access to the OS.

Why is this a big deal? Not only is it the first official “jailbreak” to occur outside of Apple’s ecosystem, but it’s also a slap in the face to RIM’s enterprise-minded, security-conscious mindset.

BGR is reporting that RIM’s Playbook has indeed been jailbroken, and we know that the hacker responsible is none other than Chris Wade (@cmwdotme), a respected member of the iOS jailbreak scene. He calls his jailbreak “Dingleberry.”

Here’s a video of Wade enabling Hulu (which is currently unsupported) on the Playbook with his Dingleberry jailbreak:

According to Reuters, the Playbook runs a different OS than RIM’s Blackberry phones. However, RIM is planning to incorporate the QNX system into its smartphones next year.

RIM has built its brand on being the most secure mobile platform available. The White House chooses Blackberrys over iPhones because of their seemingly-uncrackable ecosystem. You had better that RIM is doing everything it can to make sure this jailbreak doesn’t become highly publicized. (Oops!)

Nice work, Wade. It’s refreshing to see that Apple isn’t the only company that has to worry about jailbreaking anymore.

  • Now rim can do 1 of 2 things..close all doors on jailbreaking like Apple…or embrace it and see where it goes and let the devs create apps and tweaks that you really want on your device , unlike Apple…way to go.. Chris Wade

  • DingleBarry is a fun word 🙂

  • Dan

    doesn’t seem like apple has to worry about jailbreaking anymore either… My iPad 2 is still a virgin

  • Well I’ve also jail broken my wii and ps3.

    • Jas God

      I was just about to say the same-

    • What can u do by jailbreaking the ps3? Do u get a better browser or anything?

      • Anonymous

        It is done for piracy and trophy manipulation. Despicable. If I am wrong, post a video of you utilizing it for anything else. You won’t, because I am not.

        First part was for Asad, second part for Jared.

      • Honesty, I haven’t used my jailbreak on ps3 for anything. Because I don’t what it can do. Or how todo anything with it.

    • Dan

      didnt think you could jailbreak the ps3 on its current firmware. I also jailbroke my wii on 4.3 US

  • Joshua McClure

    Anything can get hacked, cracked, jailbroke, whatever you want to call it. All that’s needed is someone that knows what they’re doing and are also willing to spend the time on it. And yes………………It truly is that simple.

  • LMAO!!!!! Dingleberry!

  • Great, now we can port iOS to the PlayBook, like how Android was ported to the iPhone.


  • Best name for a jailbreak ever!!!

  • I jailbroke my Girl friend , lol