Over the weekend we told you about the latest software release from the Chronic Dev Team, the Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter. The app is designed to stop iOS devices from automatically sending crash reports to Apple by re-routing them to a custom server.

The release comes in the wake of Apple recently patching a number of known exploits, which the Chronic Dev Team intended to use in an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak. Hackers have decided to fight fire with fire, and here’s how you can help…

Not only does the app keep your iDevice from sending Apple crash reports, it also sends those crash reports to a special server that’s hosted by the Chronic Dev Team. The more people that download the software and send in their crash reports, the quicker the hackers can find a useful exploit.

The app is super easy to use, and will really help out the jailbreak community. To help, just follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Grab the Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter app from our Downloads page. There are now links for both Windows and Mac versions.

Step 2: Launch the software, and plug your iDevice into your computer. You’ll notice that the ‘Do it!’ button stays grey until the software detects an iDevice.

Step 3: Once the “Do it!” button becomes active, click it. You’re done.

No DFU mode, no tricky settings to mess with, just a single button click. There’s no safety concerns or other reasons why you shouldn’t do it, but of course, it’s up to you. Just remember that we’ve been getting free jailbreak software for nearly 4 years now.

Maybe it’s time we start giving back.

  • 158 crash reports uploaded. Here’s to it providing some use to these guys and the amazing job they do.

    • also a cydia app to do this on the fly would be nice. Dont know how hard that would be to make/implement though *shrugs

  • Anonymous

    Does it only help if your on iOS 5. I still haven’t updated due to the lack of a JB

  • maxim stomphorst

    143 😛 hop it works!
    and jeff do you have to do this every mouth ? or just ones and is send future crashes to the dev ? or just stops sending it to apple?

    • Anonymous

      Yep, I think it’s every mouth or so.

    • I’m guessing to send more you have to plug in your phone and do the process over again

  • Anonymous

    Will iOS 5.0.1 get an untethered jailbreak? Not really big exploits patched. Just the one discovered by Charlie allowing to run unsigned code. The other 2 were malicious software protection.

  • Lupius

    Do it!

    • Lupius

      I got to “Got 1790 crash reports. Uploading now (24%)” then “ERROR: could not upload crash reports!”

      • Anonymous

        WHAT THAT W0000OOOOO0000W

  • it’s about time someone asked for help! the untethered jb is taking FOREVER.

  • Now i just need to get my iphone 4s to crash a bunch of times!

  • Done it….but no crash report to sent……

  • 260 crash reports. Took 4 tries to finally get the upload to work. So I hope that everyone actually looks to see “SUCCESS” before closing.

  • 39 crash reports? Wow. Mine’s kinda stable actually. >.<
    Whatever it is,

    GODSPEED Chronic-Dev Team!

  • Yeah might be nice to add a note on the article that if it fails just try again. I read people reporting it taking up to 10 trys before it finally uploads o.O

  • Anonymous

    Its not working for me.I keep getting this error “ERROR:Could not upload crash reports”

    • Anonymous

      Finally I managed to upload 690 crash reports!! just keep trying

  • Hmm only 3 crash reports

  • I did all my devices. (ip4, and both ipads.)

  • I got 365 crash reports just from my iPhone 4S I hope that helps.

  • Anonymous

    No thank you. I rather apple see my crashed and have them support and patch my iphone rather than a bunch of kids who wont be around long. Although I like jailbreaking, Im not going to deny apple of my crash logs.

    • Anonymous

      No problem; those “kids” help leachers too and the vast majority of jailbreakers love them.

      • Anonymous

        I dont consider myself a leached. Not when I have donated over 100 bucks to jailbreakers. (geohot and comet). My iphone personal dumps stay with apple. My money I give to both.

      • Anonymous

        OK. Great, keep up the good work. Have a nice day.

  • 1172 crash reports…. Can’t finish.. Tried 50+ times ony 4s made it to 95% then fail… Guess I’ll try later since their servers must be bogged down.

  • Michael Brill

    My Antivirus says cdevreporter.exe is infected. Anyone else encounter this?

    • Yes ,got the same problem … I can’t run the file because of my antivirus … I guess i have to disable it to run the file!!

  • Michael Brill

    My Antivirus says cdevreporter.exe is infected. Anyone else encounter this?

  • you should says it does not need a jailbreak …

  • Anonymous

    Stupid question, but is this only for io5 users? Im still on 4.3.2 should i upload my crash reports? Might be best to clear that up for us IDB 🙂

  • Uploaded 236 Crash Reports from iPhone 3gs 5.0 :D. not alot but, atleast it will help them

  • Andrey Khazanovsky

    I did it!
    Thanks to Dev Team!

  • Anonymous

    maybe too much people willing to help? I’m having trouble uploading 412 reports also.

  • sylvan feghali

    431 crash reports , Damnnnn

  • Ariel Okhtenberg

    does this support iphone 4s ios 5.0.1

  • 16 crashes on iphone 4S , 24 crashes on ipad2 , and 32 crashes on iPod 4G …..

  • 750 crash reports!! WTF!!

  • Anonymous

    With the numbers of bugs in iOS 5, the chronic crash server will be overloaded

  • Anonymous

    320 Crash Reports!!! Hope this helps! Thank you to all the hackers that provide jailbreaks! Much love and respect!

  • 727 yes!

  • James Haycock

    I wasn’t able to upload the crash reports either. It give me an error every time I try somewhere between 11% and 25%.

    • James Haycock

      Too bad since there were like 4590 crash reports on my I4

  • marcus.johnson

    Aha, just imagine whats going through the minds of apple right now. “Yes, we’ve done it! They’re reaching out into the community for help to jailbreak. We’ve finally done it.” or “Oh, crap! Now they’re sure to find an exploit. Looks like our developers are going to have long nights ahead of them…”

  • DID it!

    2 error reports.


  • 168 by me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    18 cr thx dev again

  • Finally Done 249 Crash Reports……
    me 23 time try than me success submit….

  • 17 crashes reported xD

    • Guest

      Only 3 from me.

  • I’m not much help. Only three from me.

  • 1802 Crash Reports Uploaded

  • Anonymous

    Damn I uploaded 1451 crash reports!!!