The new 8GB iPhone 4 was supposed to be a low cost iPhone. At least that’s what it’s like here in the US. It’s a whole different story in Brazil, where the device is selling at a hefty price, making it the most expensive iPhone in the world, as reported by TNW.

Indeed, carriers Vivo and TIM just started selling the iPhone 4 8GB in Brazil for a whopping R$1,799 (US$970) without a data plan. […] As for their competitor Claro, it only does slightly better with a Rs$1,650 price tag (US$888). […] While subscriptions make smartphone prices go down dramatically in most countries, it is not the case there either; at Claro, subscribers will have to pay no less than R$270 per month (US$145) to get their phone for free.

That’s even more expensive than India’s iPhone 4S!

  • I don’t know about the iPhone 4 8GB price, but here in Turkey, 16GB is 2.058 TL (US$1.106) and 32GB is 2.428 TL (US$1.305). These prices are from Turkish carrier, Turkcell.

  • jose castro

    and thats why i live in america lol

    • Anonymous

      For a phone? Well ain’t that sad..

    • Guess what, Brazil is in America too… And it’s not just iPhones, pretty much everything in Brazil is way overpriced (like cars, for example).

  • Anonymous

    Uk is £499 for 16g ip4

  • Ca S.

    Dear Sebastien………..good that u posted it, it’s amazing how expensive are Apple products in general here!!!! It’s kind of “cool” to have those products, like a “status”……….can u imagine now that iPhone 4S was released???? It will be more expensive…….

    • Anonymous

      “Dear”? As in “Dear Santa…”?

  • And so is the power of the internet…..

    Why not just get online and find a better price in a different country!!! Many of the products my company sells are cheaper else where in the world, so that’s where I buy them from.

    • Renan Benatti Dias

      But if we buy from oder contries we gotta pay the govern And its Very high the price its not that simple dont say Thaís things.

  • Anonymous

    its worth mention that the minimum wage at brazil is about 560 reais a month (311 dollars) and thats working 40h a week

  • Renan Benatti Dias

    For you guys see i live um Brazil (bad english) And its just getting worse we look at the prices in Apple us store And we cry with iPhone price And to get more worse the salary here is RS 500 about $925 US.

  • Hear in isreal the iPhone 4s 64 sim free no contract is about 1533 us$ and iPhone 4 8gb withe acontract is 1250 us$.

  • worth to mention, this iPhone is assembled here, in Brazil, Jundiai to make it even more clear.

  • In México you can have the 4s 16Gb without a contract for about $1000 USD

  • Yep that’s it! Unfortunately Brazil it’s a kind of place where there are lots of taxes to pay, I mean, THOUSANDS TAXES TO PAY! Tax for every thing! Is the worst place to have a good life because of this taxes! Shame!

  • Hahaha, Brazil a country of everybody!!!

    • Renan Benatti Dias