Microsoft and its chief strategy and research officer Craig Mundie have been taking a lot of smack over the past couple of days. Mundie made some controversial comments regarding Apple’s new Siri feature during a recent interview with Forbes Magazine.

The executive claimed that Microsoft has had Siri-like technology on its Windows Phone platform for over a year, and that Apple’s success with it has been the result of “good marketing.” But the two systems are miles apart, and here’s a video to prove it…

Jason Cartwright of TechAu has put Windows Phone’s voice control component up against Apple’s digital assistant to see if there was any truth to Mundie’s comments. Is Microsoft’s Tellme feature really Siri-like? Watch:

Ouch. As you can see, the two services aren’t even in the same ballpark. Not only does Siri understand hundreds (if not thousands) more commands than Tellme, its voice recognition also seems to be far superior.

The video provides yet more evidence that you can’t simply lump Siri in with other me-too voice control features. It’s miles ahead of both Android and Windows Phone offerings. And when you’re that far behind, nobody cares if you were first.

  • Wow!! That was hard to even watch lol. Apple should just run that video in one of their new commercials lmao

    • I’d be happy if they did 🙂

    • especially with the new samsung hate commercials on apple, that would be sick!

  • Murtaza Samma

    Typical “Cody” post. Even while bashing Windows Phone; he sneakingly bashed Android. On the other hand, I do admit that Siri is INDEED far ahead from all the other voice activated apps.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure how saying that Siri is ahead of the competition’s offerings (Windows Phone AND Android) is “Sneakingly bashing Android.” It’s a pretty matter-of-fact statement actually.

      We can shoot a video to prove it though if that would make you feel better. ;o)

      Thanks for reading!

  • Awesome

  • LOL… searching something end up searching for “teen anal”…. WTF?!

    btw, the guy’s accent was too strong for Microsoft TellMe

    • My accent is Australian, just like 20 million other people 🙂

      • Nothing wrong with your accent dude, just Microsoft TellMe isn’t polished for your english dialect.

        Same occurs with Spanish (my mother tongue) where there’s like 6 different dialects (caribbean spanish, colombian-venezuelan accent, mexican & central american accent and deep south america chilean-argentinan-uruguayan accent)…

        Siri and MS TellMe will have a hard time with us, LOL.

      • But that’s just it. Siri didn’t have a hard time at all. TellMe did.

    • Dylan Knox

      Bet it remembered a recent search of his, so it figured that’s what he was searching for when it sounded similar.

      • i dont think thats the case… i’ve used WP7 and it doesnt remember a damn.

  • On 10 anal? I mean, come on! That doesn’t even come close to Siri.

  • lol that is ridiculous. Siri is by the far the best voice recognition I have ever used or seen. And what is even better, Siri is still in Beta right now. So its only going to get better with updates.

  • Well, I didn’t know that Siri had accents. That’s news to me.

  • LOL, I can’t stop laughing
    The difference is that apple can’t/can do thing a singular mobile can, but when apple does something it does it with elegance and efficiency!!

  • Anonymous

    Lmao Microsoft thanks for the laugh I owe you one……keep the jokes coming looking forward to any more jokes you guys put out

  • Microsoft should embarrassed to say that they had the technology for a year. Maybe Craig mundie should of tried his own voice recognition software before he said that.

  • I understand the point of the video and agree with the premise, however don’t you think it’s a bit biased to demonstrate the comparisons using ONLY siri-specific commands? I am sure there are commands that the Windows Phone recognizes that the iPhone doesn’t. Not a very objective video IMO…..

    • If they are saying that the technology is similar and they have had it for a year then the commands entered shouldn’t matter…and plus Tell Me couldn’t even recognize the speech let alone follow commands

      • They said it was similar, they never said it accepted the same commands…. BTW they never claimed that their speech recognition software recognized accents like Siri does.

    • WHat other way can you ask for time?

      Thank you ;P

  • Would you guys mind comparing iOS’s Siri to Android’s Speaktoit Assistant, they both seem good.

  • Anonymous

    Voice Recognition apps like this Microsoft one or Siri are WAY TOO OVERRATED. They’re not that big of a deal, they’re just trending right now. When it’s gone, no one will actually care. People are pathetic, now basing their ideas on which phone is better by examining their Voice Recognition capabilities. It doesn’t even seem like a good idea to me: I wouldn’t start talking to my phone, ordering it to do stuff for me. How awkward is that? I BARELY use Siri, if you ask me (I don’t need it, pretty much like 95% of the people). I just want to be in a future and see you people all look back, realizing how pathetic critics were at this time, talking about lame “cutting-edge” technology (which it obviously is). I mean, I love my iPhone and all, but Siri doesn’t make it THE PHONE and people should admit that.

    PS: By the way, stop being so arrogant about Siri, just stop. It is not THAT cool.

    • Anonymous

      You are so wrong! Siri brings a kick ass of ideas and possibilities the way we interact with things in our daily lives! In 20 years, come back to this post and see who was right. Warning, you might not have a keyboard by than.

    • I use Siri every day, multiple times a day. It is perfect for performing mundane tasks while driving, and scheduling meetings and alarms a lot faster. Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean it’s not useful.

    • I travel quite often, and mostly I have to drive in and out of states that don’t even allow you to use a handset. Even having Siri for a week has been very helpful. I can text my family to give them updates of where I am, it tells me the closest gas stations, restaurants, etc. People said that the tablet was just a trend, I can’t imagine a world where this will trend out, we’re becoming a hands-free society.

  • haha Apple FTW

  • Dan

    create a meeting tomorrow at teen anal… lmao priceless

  • Nice video Cody. Siri definitely has the upper hand on other mobile voice recognition software right. My real question how did u get that OS on your make book air??? Help a brother out. Lol.

    • It’s not his video and dual-booting operating systems on a macbook is not hard. Just use Bootcamp.

      • Luis Serrano

        Wait what OS is that please tell me

  • A. Colaço Osorio

    al that fuss about Siri , which is the only noticable diference between an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 4S is getting a bit old now.
    I am still waiting for a REAL new iPhone, which will be the iPhone %, and then I willl decide, having seen if it is by then has been proven posssible to jailbreak, (remember we were promised it was just a matter of weeks and we are still waiting for an untether for ioS?).
    If not, my iPhone 4 on 4.2.1 jailbroeken with Greenpo1son will have been my last iDevice.
    MY htc on Android is satisfactory and Samsung makes the best high end smartphones these days.
    Never understood why all you people get in line to buy a handset that looks excactly as,iPhone4 and can do almost the same as its predecesser and buy it in incredible numbers…
    Fanboy syndrome?

  • Dylan Knox

    Nice Macbook running Windows 8 Developer Preview… But I bet my custom built PC runs Mac OS X Lion better then the best mac… while tri-booting with Windows 8 & Backtrack 5 R1

  • So the phone he uses everyday would have a better understanding of his voice then the NIB Samsung that he pulled fo this test? Seems like he has had much more use with his 4s than the brand in focus s that has only been out a few weeks and clearly is not his phone.. Nice Windows 8 running on the laptop

  • Microsoft should plank in traffic…..Awful

  • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

    Probably because TellMe isn’t made specially for British voices? If he put Siri to English mode, it probably wouldn’t understand him either. Even I could barely understand him.

    BTW, W8 looks nice running on that Macbook Air

  • Haha that was awesome. Its embarrassing that Microsoft even made such a claim that they were so called “ahead” in the game in creating a Siri-like program integrated into their mobile phones.