We love our iPhones here at iDB, and even if we do play with an Android or Windows Phone 7 device here and there, we always come back to our iDevices without fail.

According to a new study by research firm GfK, we’re not the only ones captivated by our fruity phones. The report claims that of the survey’s 4,500 participants across Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, the United States, and Japan, 84% of current iPhone owners said they would buy another iPhone in the next twelve months.

That number drops to a comparatively low 60% for Android users…

The news comes as Android is in the midst of a pivot, with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich seeking to make Google’s offering more attractive, and less daunting to those not so tech-savvy. Perhaps a more user-friendly user interface will help Google’s OS keep users moving forward, and Ice Cream Sandwich does appear to be just the ticket.

GfK analyst Ryan Garner suggested that Apple’s lead may diminish as others catch on:

”Apple is clearly ahead of the game, but developments next year will challenge that”

RIM’s BlackBerry also popped up in the survey, with just 48% of existing owners saying they would stick with the brand for their next purchase.

Windows Phone 7 is also coming to the forefront with some recent software upgrades, but the platform doesn’t garner half of the loyalty that iOS and Android possess.

Will you be buying a new iPhone as your next smartphone, or are the new Android handsets on the horizon enough to tempt you away?

  • Without a doubt i will buy another iPhone…and if you ask me, yes i have tried android and blackberry phone

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had Blackberry and Android phones but I will keep buying iPhones for a long time

  • Anonymous

    I most certainly will buy another iPhone. I’m on the 4 right now and have been since launch last June. I’ll be waiting for the 5, no 4S upgrade. The original iPhone was the first phone I ever owned that didn’t drive me absolutely insane. I’ve had a Moto Droid (in conjunction with my iPhone) and I’ve had the chance to fool around with friends android devices (droid X, Galaxy and so on). If I ever decided to switch, it would definitely be to a Nexus or Galaxy. The editor over at todaysiphone has made the switch to the new Nexus, says his iPhone has been sitting in the dock for days.

  • iPhone in the past , iPhone now and iPhone in the future ..never switch to a device that’s not supported in a years time..Apple will always push the boundaries and make other phone makers step up to there game..and they did that with there first phone and are still doing that with the i4s

  • Jim B

    shitpple can forget about me. no way I’ll buy another iphone after all the issues I’ve been having with 4S.

  • francisco fong

    I just Bought one online about 10 min ago! I got another iPhone 4, once you go iPhone, you’ll never go back

  • Dan

    I’m confident that Apple will keep producing quality products. I have a 4 now and will wait till the 5 comes out. Although I gotta admit that it will depend if it’s jailbreakable. What I love about the iphone right now is the quality, AND the possibility to tweak it like I want it. If we lose that option, I might have to rethink my choice of phone.

  • Murtaza Samma

    Face Palm. It is posts like these that is making REGULAR people go elsewhere for their IOS news. Even though I have jumped the ship to Android (both phone and Tablet) but I still sometime use my iPad and iPhone4(keeping it as an emergency backup, otherwise it is just a MP3 player in my car). But nowadays all I am seeing is “My son is smarter than your son” kinda posts. Jesus Christ people, whatever happened to the IDB that I used to love and follow back in 2009-2010?

    • Jon Garrett


      I left for a while then came back. on Android sites all I was reading was what new phones are coming out, what new software is coming out, what new tablets are on the horizon, and so many other great things…..then on the apple sites was stories like. “dog saves man using iPhone” “iPhone saves town from floods” “apple has more new campus on the moon” etc etc.

      but then I realized that there really wasn’t much to talk about, there was no new phone last summer so there was basically nothing whatsoever to talk about.

      now, there will be talk of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 rumors for the next 9 months but mostly stories about irrelevant things.

      • Anonymous

        Oh Jon Garrett, we may never fully agree on most things, but gotta give you a point this one time. I like this blog, deep deep inside my soul, I do. But posts are just getting lamer everytime. AND ARROGANT, for Christ’s sake. They talk of the iPhone as if it was Jesus Christ, “the oh so holy iPhone reduces global warming” and that kind of stuff, while bashing competition like Android with no valid arguments whatsoever. I just think the blog can do better, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this comment was deleted, as it has happened several times before when trying to give suggestions (think – dictatorship). Anyway, get better soon, iDB.

  • Jon Garrett

    I got tired of Apple, the lawsuits, and the fan boys. I still have my iPhone 4 as a back up but I love my Galaxy S II and my Galaxy Tab 10.1

    besides, if apple fans are more loyal than Android, how do you explain the explosive growth of Android vs the stagnation of apple? iOS market share is actually shrinking while Android’s is growing. Samsung is now selling more phones than Apple so something about his story does not add up.

    • Anonymous

      Simple…hundreds of shitphones and mostly given away for free to dumb people…result, pissed users, that got a free phone, but stuck with a 2 year contract and will be pissed for another 2 years…at the end is all about which device gives you the best experience, and if you are a techie then apple is NOT a phone for you…

      • Jon Garrett

        shit phones? but the whole world desires them over the iPhone !! AND THE NUMBER KEEPS GROWING AT AN ASTOUNDING RATE !!

    • PMSL, As an Android user you keep an iPhone as a back up. I use an iPhone and don’t need a back up. Android is now found on hundreds if not thousands of devices and you want to compare those figures with Apple’s 4 iOS devices?. We here are also tired of the fan boys, Android fan boys!

      • Jon Garrett

        back up as in my iPhone 4 is a new phone from apple with a 3 month warranty, they had to replace my original 1 yr old iPhone 4 which died suddenly and would not charge and would not power on which was then damaged further when an apple “genius” replaced the battery but wind up breaking the home button.

        since its a brand new phone, yes its a back up. even if I had a 4S, Im not so stupid as to give up a brand new phone just because I have another one.

        so when I say back up, I mean back up in case my GS2 is lost, stolen or I break it I still have a phone to use.

        the last thing my GS2 needs is support from another phone, I didn’t have to void the warranty and render the OS laggy unstable and buggy by jail breaking it so I can get simple functions out of it.

  • Anonymous

    Damn right, after paying more than $350 on a phone, B*TCHES BETTER BE LOYAL.

  • iOS is top in my book!

  • Mohamed Ahmed

    iPhone all the way

  • Anonymous

    I have both, iOS and Android and I’ll keep having/using both of them in the future. Both platforms have good and bad things. I like my jailbroken iPhone 4 but I also like Galaxy S II and HTC phones.

  • Anonymous

    This is very true. Seven friends of mine were android phone users for a couple years. They now own iPhones. A few of them were just sick of not getting the latest software. And they were sick of laggy screens and rebooting. I was also a android user. I’m so glad I dumped the droid.

  • sick and tired of everyone having the same phone

  • Anonymous

    As an Apple enthusiast and iPhone lover, I can easily notice the irrationality of most iPhone fanboys in this blog. I love my iPhone, but just give Android a break. You simply make no sense. Phones were, are, and will always be just phones.

  • no doubt.. iphone… its gives me every thing that i need in a smart phone…

  • I think the logical conclusion to this article is, people pay for more apps on iOS and therefore don’t want to switch and lose their investment, unless they can get the app for free on another device. Example, one buys Angry Birds for iPhone, but nothing else. Moving to Android is ok, because Angry Birds is free. But if one buys something more bespoke, they can’t get it for Android or have to pay extra.

    I’m an Android user and if WP7 or iOS caught my eye, I don’t think I could swap after investing money in apps, just to get a slightly better phone.