InstaURL is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to perform web searches from anywhere on your iDevice.

Similar to QuickGoogle and QuickSafari,┬áInstaURL isn’t alone when it comes to tweaks of this nature.

Is it different enough to warrant paying the $0.99? Check inside for the full video walkthrough…

Personally, I will always prefer QuickGoogle because it allows Google searches from anywhere and it’s free.

QuickSafari costs $0.99, but it also includes a full search history for users to reference.

The main difference with InstaURL is that it allows you to search Yahoo and Bing as well. If that’s a compelling enough reason for you, then InstaURL might be worth the buck.

Let me know what you think about InstaURL in the comments section below.

  • Anonymous

    This is the first Jailbreak tweek I’ve seen for iOS5 that makes me want to jailbreak. SWEEEET

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate these videos, but I assume that these are all huge teases to many of us who are not yet jailbroken for iOS5. Maybe I’m wrong..

    • Not a tease at all! There are lots of people running iOS 5 on iPhone 4’s and below who are jailbroken. Not untethered, but jailbroken nonetheless.

      • Anonymous

        How is the tethered jailbreak for you? Have you found your self in situations where you needed to reboot while connected?

      • Actually I have only rebooted once. Tethered jailbreak is not bad.

      • Dan

        for me, it only happened once when I installed a certain tweak (callbar)

      • Likewise, I’ve only had to reboot once in the month and a half I’ve had it jailbroken and that was for a jb app that I quickly uninstalled. Tethered is well worth it IMO.

  • It’s kinda sad that there are more and more tweaks coming out and at a price. A lot of them are worthless, and would cost at $4.99. That’s not how jailbreak started.

  • Dan

    I prefer quickgoogle, it’s pretty much the same thing and it’s free