Looking for a cleaner look to go along with your recent iOS 5 installation? If you’re jailbroken, then a recently released Cydia tweak might be right up your alley.

It’s called No Icon Label for iOS 5, and, as you may have guessed, it removes icon labels from all of your app icons on your iPhone’s Home screen.

Sure, other tweaks have done this in the past, but here’s a free, standalone solution for those of you looking for no icon labels with no filler added…

Like most tweaks of this nature, No Icon Label for iOS 5 is a simple “install and go” affair. Hence, there are no options or settings to configure, and if you want to disable the effect, just uninstall the tweak.

Again, if your iDevice is jailbroken and you’ve given it a try, let us know what you think about No Icon Label for iOS 5 in the comments below.

  • I have this tweak with iconoclasm with a 5×5 springboard, and I have to say it’s beautiful, I have all the apps I use in one page 🙂

    • Dan

      are you on OS5? I read iconoclasm can crash when you move apps in folders

  • Dan

    cool will get this

  • what happened to winterboard no icon label?

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t work. Winterboard works on iOS 5 but it is full of bugs and no icon label is one of them.

      • Dan

        This tweak works though, a lot of the themes on winterboard work for me as well so far

  • Jobran

    thanks for the review,
    saw this few days ago on cydia, but i wasn’t sure if it needed winterboard so i didn’t bother to check
    will give it a try,
    although this is great for apps, it’s not for folders.
    possible to change folders thumbnails according to genre ?
    thanks Jeff

  • Hell yeah, this is one tweak i really like. It really made a big difference in how my SB looks now, more than i thought it would. Now because of this i prefer a more cleaner layout than i did before.

  • won’t work, why?

  • I go into Cydia, search for it and once I click install it goes to the black screen where it downloads the files but nothing downloads. I think it’s a Cydia problem but anything else I want to download there’s no problem. Anyone else have this problem?

    • lol jimmy make sure that you have a 4g ipod/phone and it ios 5

  • Does it work on iOS 7?