As you’d expect, Black Friday officially starts this Friday, but most online retailers have already started giving amazing deals ahead of schedule.

Apps get discounted, accessories are marked down, and this makes me feel like Christmas is coming a month early. I love it. To help you go through the madness of Black Friday, we have selected a few companies that you should definitely check out…

Even better, when you buy from one of these companies, you actually help support iDB, as we get a small commission for every sale. One rock, two birds. You get a deal, and we get money that goes directly toward our hosting bill.


Starting now and running through November 30th, shop Griffin Technology and receive 20% off sitewide! Make sure to use promo code THANKS20 at checkout.


OtterBox has quite a few offers for you:


Some good deals for designer and custom skins for your iDevice:


As we mentioned yesterday, Gameloft is having a massive sale with 20 of their hit iOS games at only $0.99 each. Check it out now!


Sega is joining the fun by giving up to 80% off on its iOS games.

  • Anonymous

    “Black Friday officially starts this Friday”- gosh imagine that…..

  • Black Friday will never be as good as the official jailbreak for iOS 5 arrival day!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      For Christmas, if we are lucky! By then we’ll have iOS 5.0.3 or iOS 5.1 out.

    • even if its tethered now i wouldn’t mind, its for my ipad 2 that freaking looks like kindergarten drawing board!

      • Anonymous

        I can see how you are feeling now. That’s the reason I still using my iPhone4 with untethered jailbreak.

  • Anonymous

    What about Amazon’s 1 cent a phone deal? I expected this site would get a commission from them as well for every link to them… but guess not.

    The deals shown are great though! The words “Free Shipping” always make me want to order something… just the thought of getting that package… opening it… it’s like a mini-holiday!

    • But they were big enough to anounce their comission. Something plenty sites would rather not.

  • Kok Hean

    We don’t even have an Apple Store here 🙁

    • If your country has special deals, it should also show on the official Apple website. My country gets some still unknown deals plus free shipping.

    • we have many dealers tho

  • 80% off I like, now that’s what I call a Deal. Sega here we come.