Apple and Samsung have been involved in quite the court battle over the last 6 months. Apple accused Samsung of copying the trademarked design of its products, and since then, the two companies have been in and out of court.

Now it looks like the war is about to spill out into the advertising arena. Although companies have taken shots at Apple’s popular smartphone in commercials before, none of them compare to the Korean manufacturer’s latest TV spot…

The people portrayed in the advert fit the typical “fanboy” stereotype: ignorant, Starbucks-drinking hipsters that will purchase anything Apple spits out. And considering that this is actually how a lot of folks (especially Android fans) perceive iPhone users, the commercial is actually pretty effective.

It’ll be interesting to see if Apple responds to Samsung with its own attack ad, given the bad blood between the two companies. Apple itself is certainly no stranger to advertising bouts. You might recall its long-running “I am a Mac” ad campaign, which constantly poked fun at Windows computers.

What do you think of Samsung’s new TV ad?

[The Verge]

  • Yeah…, another cheap shot at Apple. Guess it wasn’t enough for Samsung in the court room, now they’re taking it out on media?! Tsk Tsk Samsung. And these companies are sooo trying to sell on 4G like TVs with 3D. It’s becoming a gimmick for sales. The worse part is that the average consumers don’t even know the difference!

  • “How will people know if I’ve upgraded” really? The iPhone 4/4s’ design is absolutely gorgeous. Thin, doesn’t feel cheap, well balanced, looks great, well.. It’s an iPhone. That’s the difference between it and Samsung.

    • Exactly. And who the fuck buys a new phone so people know they upgraded.

  • Haha. I love iPhones but they did a good job on that one

  • Did absolutely nothing for me.

    • Anonymous

      Lol…come on, not even a little??:)

  • Joo Joo

    Instead, Samsung attacked themselves with this pathetic ads, a bad image for their company. Instead of attacking others, why don’t advertise about the unique of their S2 rather than always advertising those boring specs and figures, not to mention attacking others

  • The Real Deal is the Real Deal… I would much rather have the iPhone 4S then some knock off copycat…

  • Wow!!! I’m going to set my Samsung TV on fire! That was a cheap ad!

    • Riiiggghhhhtt! I believe you. If you are pretty stupid enough to throw away money, why don’t you send the TV to me.

      • You really think I was going to set my $1500 TV on fire. (Shaking my head in disbelief). I bet if someone told you
        that Obama is white, you would really believe them.

    • Mike Mirzad

      Really…. you take things to personally, it was just meant to be funny.

  • Anonymous

    I am apple all the way but u gotta admit, THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!! Lmao!!

  • “Can I see it with my hands” LOL.

    I give it to them It was a funny video. Its just funnier how other phone companies feel so threatened by Apple. I love my iPhone 4, mainly because I don’t have to worry about charging it half way through my day.

    • i dont have to worry about charging my galaxy s2 half way through the day either. I use my phone a lot through out the day, and the battery is more than enough.

      • Yeah I believe you, that’s a great phone. But most Mobile Phones running Android are crap, not all but most. I say that just because of the battery life and how glitchy they can be. Samsung makes great products and I love to see them compete with Apple, at there level. At the end the consumer wins because better products are produced for us to consume.

  • i want another lawsuit against them..pls Apple?

  • Just watched this ad and I’m like, whatever, don’t see me trading my supercool iPhone 4S for that piece of plastic sh@&. Now gotta go I got creative stuff to do over a Starbucks…;)

    • With mobile products, I am an avid Apple fan, but I gotta give it to them that their “plastic sh@t” holds better than glassy piece of “cr@p”. If you have seen the iPhone 4 vs Android phone drop test.

  • Samsung looks jealous coz they don’t have fanboy like apple. Poor you Sam..

    • thats a good thing, samsung is not so far up its own a$$ that they will actually make phones the way people want them. Apple on the other hand goes, we dont care what you want, this is what you get. At least thats how i feel when it comes to the design of the 4/4s. Not a bad design, just not what i wanted. To each there own.

  • Samsung user: hey look, my phone can download at 44mbps can your iPhone do that?

    Apple user: no, I can only go at 14.4 Mbps. But it can last 10 hours of active use. How long does your battery last?

    Samsung user: a good couple of hours.

    Apple user: you mean like 5? And what do you do again?

    Samsung: I check emails, surf the web. You know, regular stuff.

    Apple user: and you need a 44mbps connection because….?

    • That’s why those samsung guys were so in a hurry. They needed to charge inmediately those huge, low ppi displays ahah

    • Thats funny you say that, because, my gs2 lasts well over 10 hours. Unless im mistaken and there are less than 10 hours in a day, which in that case, sorry.

  • What the add tells us is that there are 100s of people that cant wait to buy an iphone which even looks the same as the previous phone..
    and there are these three people with samsung phones..
    and they didnt even change the mind of people who are buying an iphone..

    • lol so true! No one was waiting 9 days to get the Samsung. Fail ad.

  • Anonymous

    Funny for 2secs but FUCK SAMSUNG!!!!

  • LMAO Samsung want us to buy their products buy taking a shot at us. Great idea Samsung… I didn’t see the big line outside the phone store on your S2 launch

  • Anonymous

    They should spend that money on product designs and not look for Apple to fill that role.

  • Effective advert. To be honest it was advertising the iPhone more than the Samsung though.

  • Long live flash…oh wait that’s dead on phones…

  • nobody queues for a samsung phone. i wonder why.

    • Jon Garrett

      apple products contain nearly 30% Samsung parts…..I wonder why? and that beautiful Retina display, Good Job LG !!

      • Samsung & LG manufacture the parts for AppleL, it’s not using ‘off the shelve’ Samsung or LG parts. If Apple wanted they could get anybody to make the parts required.

      • Painman

        Not “Anybody”, only those whose technology is outstanding 🙂

      • that’s the best part about it. apple’s iphone is made out of other company’s(samsung, lg) parts but that same company(samsung,lg) can’t sell their phones the way apple does. i wonder why?

      • Jon Garrett

        can’t sell their phones they way apple does? are you kidding me!! see, this is what I hate most about fan boys. most of time you dont even know what you’re talking about or you have the facts all wrong.

        SAMSUNG DOES sell more phones than apple !!!

        please do a Google search for the latest numbers ans top getting all your information from apple fans sites.

        Its inaccurate statements like the one you made that causes Samsung to make the commercial about apple fans and what causes the rest of us to see you in such a negative way.

      • samsung does sell more phones but crappy low end disposable phones. how about this, try to narrow down your search between the high end samsung phones with their apple counter part. i don’t see anyone going crazy over a samsung in my country. nobody even queued for the release of sII and the upcoming release of galaxy note and they never run out of stock. inaccurate statements like yours makes us see you in such negative way. maybe you should stop buying some high end gadgets and start going outside buy some drinks and meet new friends and try to be socially acceptable. nobody here likes you jon. (i can’t reply to your last message but might as well reply here)

  • Samsung’s really trying hard. lol

  • Anonymous

    As an iPhone user, I gotta admit this is a great ad 🙂 On a different note, I’m sick and tired of Apple and Samsung and their fans trashing each other all the time. It’s just a waste of precious time and energy, seriously!!!

  • Kok Hean

    But nobody queues outside a Samsung store to purchase a new phone. Other than that, it was funny!

    • Jon Garrett

      No they don’t queue outside of a Samsung store yet Samsung still sells more phones than apple though. 65% more according to some estimates.

      • Daniel Risler

        That’s because Samsung has way more models over a long period of time than Apple’s single iPhone line that began in 2007.

  • samsung is just saying that people didn’t even notice that the s2 even existed. lol

  • Anonymous

    Why do these other company’s think that faster is better
    Yeh it probably is a cool phone
    But the iPhone is mega awesome cool
    Speed dose not equal better
    Samsung nice try but I for one won’t buy it 😉

  • laaaame OMG so lame

  • I occasionally have to play around with a Samsung Galaxy phone for work, and it feels so cheap and clunky compared to my iPhone that no amount of funny ads would make me switch over. Android also feels awfully clunky compared to iOS. I guess it depends on what you’re used to, but if Samsung spent a bit less time trying to compete with the iPhone and a bit more time focussing on how good their products could actually be, and feel, and maybe people would switch over.

    I also doubt poking fun at iPhone users would actually make them switch over…

    • Jon Garrett

      funny, I use iOS and Android so please tell me what specifically feels clunky about Android compared to iOS? everything about my S II runs as smoother or smoother than my iPhone 4 and that’s even when I have multiple things running in the background.

      • I just don’t like the way Android works, or looks. Admittedly, the way these two OS work is very similar, but the transitions between apps are nowhere near as smooth on Android as they are on iOS. Equally, when you scroll on a browser for instance, or within apps, the scrolling is not smooth on Android, it feels very jerky compared to iOS. Nothing feels as responsive. We also need to do quite a lot of screenshots from our phones. Doing so phone an iPhone is very straightforward: press the home and power buttons at the same time, and it’s done. On the Galaxy we’ve got (don’t ask which model, I haven’t got a clue, but it’s recent), it’s so hit and miss: you have to press the home and power buttons, but in quick succession. If you go too fast, it brings you back to the desktop, if you’re too slow, it turns the phone off. It usually take a few attempts before getting a screenshot.

        And there’s the small matter of the screen itself. The display is very sharp on iPhone 4 and 4S (although 3GS screens are rather poor in comparison). The Galaxy has a bigger screen, but everything looks really fuzzy on it, the colours are much smudgier. And the Galaxy might be much lighter, but it feels like a plastic toy compared to the iPhone.

        I must point that, although I might sound like a fan boy, and actually use iMacs both at work and at home, I’ve only come to the conclusion that they are much better products after having used PCs and other phones in the past. Don’t get me wrong, Apple can be extremely infuriating, and I cannot understand why anyone would queue for hours or days to be the first to by a new product, but overall, my experience of Galaxy v iPhone has always showed me that the latter is overall the nicer phone to use. My opinion though…

      • Jon Garrett

        Seems like looks matter more to you than anything else. And you clearly havevnot used any high end Android phones lately, I could compare the 3G or 3GS to the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus or any number of high end Android phones and say the same negative things about iOS. My Brother has the 3G and its so slow is practically unusable.

        Also there’s absolutely no way you can say that the retina display is better than the Super Amoled Plus display and anyone with a drop of honest blood whose ever compared the two will tell you the same. Read reviews from indepentent sites, engadget, into mobile, etc etc.

        There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of a product, I just hate how biased and ignorant people can be sometimes, half the time their facts are all wrong the other half they’ve never used the product they criticize. That goes for Android fans as well.

      • Jon, I can’t seem to be able to reply to your post, so I’ll post that as a reply to mine instead.

        Look is important to me, I can’t deny that, but something that looks good and doesn’t work wouldn’t be of much use to me I can assure you.

        I agree with you than anything else than an iPhone 4 probably runs like a reversing three-legged donkey with iOS5, and it took me to clear quite a fair bit of the thousands of pictures on my iPhone 4 for it to run properly again. I’ve now got a 4S though, and it’s rather very fast.

        From the pictures I found on the web, I think the phone I’ve been playing with is a Galaxy S2, which I thought was fairly recent. I haven’t read any comparative test on screens, I’m just basing my comments on my experience of the above phones, and I’ve got nothing to gain by saying it if I don’t think it.

      • Your posting a lot of hate in this article, And all of you comments are invalid or outright stupid, Are you an iphone/IOS hater of some describtion?

  • As already said, the ad is kinda effective. But in my opinion it’s a bit aggressive because all the people are like the same type. It’s like you say every tree has the same leaves or every vegetable tastes the same. Bad examples but I mean this ad is against the iphone users. But it also kinda shows the truth. The iPhone is smartphone market leader and that makes samsung jealous. So they exaggerate with the facts how excited the people are about the iPhone or new products apple make.
    I think today we’re at the point where a smartphone can’t get any better by technologic key aspects. The much more important thing is the handling and stability of the system. At this point I’m a very big fan of the whole OS no matter which platform. Also you can not score with 4G network if your battery is only running for 3h. Same with 3D. It has to be more experienced.

    • Jon Garrett

      my Samsung Galaxy S II battery lasts all day long…..just like the battery on my iPhone 4. please stop with the 3hr battery thing unless you’re talking about the iPhone 4S.

      • Yes with 3G, but if you use 4G it will only last 3-5 hours. So if I was you I would set the Samsung GS II on fire.

      • Jon Garrett

        Ive had my phone for a month now, always on and always with 4G. my battery lasts all day long. all day being from 5:45 AM to about 7-ish PM.

        This includes 2hrs (round trip) of either music or game playing on the subway, plus calls and text. in addition to me browsing the marketplace for for about 15 minutes or so.

      • Anonymous

        Lol@”set the Samsung G2 on fire!!”

  • Jon Garrett

    If you want to know why Android users see iOS users in such a negative way, all you need to do is read the comments below.

    Apple’s flagship phone arrived 6 months late, has a battery that simply wont work, is about to get its 3rd version of a flawed OS within a 30 day period, has muted calls, echos and insert SIM errors and still shatters into a thousand pieces if you drop it.

    Yet, most of you can help but trash Android for its problems out of one side of your mouth and out the other you praise apple for its “high end quality”

    I don’t think the Samsung commercial is a jab at Apple or the iPhone but rather its very ignorant and factually-challenged fan base.

  • a smit

    i really hate mass media and how they (apple included) portray “real life”
    bunch o’ douchebags

  • Apple should do a commercial where some one buys a galaxy s 2 and then 5 minutes later the droid razr gets announced and then a galaxy nexus commercial comes on, at the same time. And then ends by a person walking down the street and says to Siri ” you are so easy to use and loyal, thank you Siri ” and she responds ” I aim to please” and then the apple logo.

    • Jon Garrett

      Siri wouldn’t be able to say all that in one shot. the iPhone 4S battery wouldn’t last long enough, or the insert SIM error would prevent you from even getting that far.

      • Anonymous

        Wow!!! Man android shud hire you!!! Lol even tho u secretly love Siri lol

      • Haha, never had any of that happen, probably cause I’m on Verizon CDMA

  • Anonymous

    I represent that ad, I love my iPhone, iPad, Air. I also love my kids, my dog, and as silly as it sounds, even God! So ‘roast’ me, you gotta be passionate about something or what’s the point…yee-haw!

  • Say whatever you want but, I bet Samsung would KILL to have those lines at their stores… The whole point is, why do only 2 people has it? Cuz it sucks against the iPhone, I’m not saying it is crap, I’m saying that if they were transformers and were fighting, the iPhone would kill the s2

    • Jon Garrett

      Why do they need lines at their store (which they don’t even have) when they sell more phones than Apple? 65% more according to some sources.

    • Anonymous

      Haaaaaaa!!!!! Totally

  • Tech_Advancement

    I’ve own Samsung galaxy S2 and it sux, short battery life time, dim screen and it gets pretty hot sometimes.

    • Root it buddy! ;P
      I’m holding both the GS2 and the iPhone 4 everyday (work & personal ;P) and i’ve got no complains. But regarding this ad, all I can say is LOL!

    • Anonymous

      Carefully buddy….u don’t want Jon garrett to come see u!!! Lol

      • Jon Garrett

        nah, I saw his post but I’m not gonna bother cause he’s just gonna lie anyway.

  • I spent a night outside the Apple store to git
    My 4s I will never do that for a Samsung

    • Jon Garrett

      you spend the night outside retails stores…..creepy. lol

    • Jon Garrett

      you spend the night outside retails stores…..creepy. lol

      • Anonymous

        Lol! Jon is Garrett is awesome

    • Painman

      Did you take your own cardboard box?

  • Here’s what Samsung needs to do… STOP COPYING Apple! They took a cheap shot! I like Apple over any other MP3, Computer, Phone, & Tablet! They make their devices easy to use and compatible! My school is starting to bring the iPad into the classrooms. I love Apple and hate it when others rip on them… I’m a dedicated Apple fanboy and this is a really cheap shot… If you look at the older laptops from 2003 (AKA the Titanium PowerBook G4) it looked like one of the laptops Dell released in 2007… Apple has better designed devices and they don’t go around having others making the software and coputers… They design everything… That’s all I have to say…

    • Jon Garrett

      lets make a deal. Samsung will stop copying Apple if Apple stops copying everybody else. take a look at what I dug up, very interesting.

      oh, and Apple has to give up Android notifications, BB messaging and iCloud, all of which were straight up rips.

  • Samsung has no more ideas, so run to the direct attack. They will always be second place.

    • I think they’re scratching their heads right now. They’ve got that large screen, LTE, NFC and awesome gimmicks not to mention the lighter weight and yet, they can’t believe the iPhone is still winning the people’s hearts.

      The fact that the physical design is exactly the same as the 4 and still selling so well is apple’s way of taunting at Android devices that try to so hard to grab people’s attention by releasing a new phone (one manufacture after another) every other month.

  • It seems we have a proper Android sheep – Jon Garrett and no matter what you say, he will be always right with his SG SII :-). But I’ll try anyway…
    Dear Jon, I’m very happy owner of iPhone 4S and I would never switch to Android. My very good friend in work has an SG SII and I was playing with it few times a I have to say, screen is just horrible. It’s kind of dark and purple red… And it’s not just my friend’s device. Everytime I can see same model in other people’s hands it same… dim screen and weird colours. Also scrolling in Android is lagging and like fast slide show… far far away from any iOS device. Also most of the apps look much nicer on iOS than on Android. Maybe because developers are happier to code for iOS, cos we pay for the app…

    • Anonymous

      Nice try but I don’t think he’s gonna go for it. Lol

    • Painman

      My iPhone 4 Retina screen has a yellow tinge, I hate it 🙁

  • this was so uncreative.

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  • that was a weak ass video. shouldn’t have even posted this in the blog…… smh

  • Is it not enough that the gs2 in the commercial is already obsolete by two new phones(htc rezound, galaxy nexus) and the fact that 16 months later android is just now catching up to the retina display. Now that being said, I had a chance to check out the htc rezound and it’s a killer phone. And if I were to switch to android I would be getting the new nexus. From all the info and hands on videos I’ve seen it looks amazing and has great hardware and software. For me tho iOS has been great and I just love how fluid and smooth it is, add an untethered jailbreak on top and it’s pretty much insane for me. Either way happy thanksgiving everyone.

  • lol

  • Anonymous

    Oh please, stop crying! I like my iPhone but they certainly have better approaches when it comes to advertising their products! And sense of humor, as well.

  • morgan oid

    Cool. Nothing spurs product development on more than good old fashioned competition.

  • If Samsung could just stop and look at their phone, they will notice that it is ressemling the iphone with a bigger screen. design Apple made 4 years ago and samsung still copying it and calling iPhone Old School is just sore LOSER talk… RIM is learning the hard way and Samsung will soon too… you can’t mess with an innovator like Apple. you can try but they will CRUSH you just like the iPad is crushing all!!!

  • This isn’t even a commercial anymore. A commercial advertises a product, this one just bashed on apple. They didn’t even talk about the features or capabilities of the Galaxy S2.