The iPhone 4S’ rebuilt 8MP camera is one of the new handset’s most talked about features. It captures sharper images with much better color in low-light situations than its predecessor, with 60% more pixels.

Apple has even been touting the 4S as a point-and-shoot camera replacement, and it seems like iPhone 4S owners agree with that statement. The handset has just become the second most frequently used camera phone on Flickr…

With over 50 million members and 6 billion hosted photos to date, Flickr’s image upload data is a great way to gage a camera’s popularity. The service knows which device a photo was taken with using the image’s EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) information.

As you can tell from the graph, the iPhone 4S has passed up the 3G, 3GS, and the HTC Evo 4G to become the second most popular camera phone on the site. It sits only behind the iPhone 4, which became Flickr’s most popular camera overall earlier this year.

Apple’s been criticized in the past for being behind the megapixel curve, releasing a phone with a 3.2MP camera when the competition had 5MP, and a 5MP when others had 8MP. But it hasn’t hurt the device’s popularity; the top 3 camera phones on Flickr are all iPhones.


  • because the others are to ashamed to owning a shit phone

  • Anonymous

    My ip4 5 megapixel camera is the best thing since
    Well the ip4s 🙂
    They just take fantastic quality pictures compared to most of the other devices out there with the same claim to megapixel amount

    Viva iPhone 🙂

  • Jim B

    it might have a good camera, but in my case the simplest thing called phone call or sms is almost impossible to make with 4S without getting no service or searching for network. does anyone out there have a fix for it? anyone…

    • Are you still on 5.0 waiting for jailbreak or are you on 5.0.1 …if on 5.0.1 you could try a restore with iTunes ..If on 5.0 I would try a network reset on the device

  • Anonymous

    “…the top 3 camera phones on Flickr are all iPhones.” Not only is that true, but if I read the graph correctly, the top *4* camera phones on Flickr are all iPhones.