The folks over at 9to5Mac have uncovered some interesting information hidden deep within the code of iOS 5. The site has exposed several secret features in the new software by code-digging over the last few months, including Siri.

Recent find pertain to an unreleased Apple product, codenamed “J2.” The site believes that this could actually be the next version of the iPad. Not only that, but it thinks that this could be the Retina display-equipped tablet everyone has been talking about…

Apparently, the J2 codename matches up with a recent report from Digitimes, which also names a J2 device as Apple’s next tablet.

“Since Apple demands that the new iPad model will need to be thinner than the iPad 2, while raising the machine’s screen resolution to 2048 by 1536, upstream component makers have been working aggressively to adjust the device’s LED and panel module designs to satisfy these demands, but the work has affected the launch schedule fo the new tablet PC. Apple is currently giving two tablet PC projects codenamed J1 and J2 to its upstream partners for development. The sources revealed that the major differences of the new tablet PCs compared to the previous model are their size, specifications and technologies.”

9to5Mac believes that J1 and J2 are similar tablets, with the latter being the 3G model. It also thinks that Apple is already testing the device, as it has been referenced in iOS 5 since the early betas.

We’ve heard rumors that Apple was working on an iPad with a Retina-like quality screen before, but this is the first time we’ve seen any kind of evidence. However, it still sounds like Apple and its supply partners are struggling to produce the hi-res displays.

Due to manufacturing limitations, it’s possible that Apple could have to choose between an iPad with a Retina display that is slightly thicker than its predecessor, or a thinner tablet with a lower screen resolution. Which one would you rather see next year?

  • I’d want thicker and made WELL.

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding? That’s like asking if I’d rather a really skinny girl with a hagged old woman’s face, or a slightly larger girl with a stunning young, vibrant face. Rather easy decision! 🙂

  • I’d rather see them be similar to the iPad 1’s thickness. Trying my friend’s iPad 2, the lightness made it nearly fall off my lap, but I’ve never had such a problem with my iPad 1.


  • I don’t care what it will be like. I’m going to end up buying it anyways 😀

    If its a tad thicker, I wouldn’t mind. I just hope it doesn’t get a whole lot heavier. It’s one of the reasons I choose iPad over the air or macbook pro.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to have one that I can actually see the content if it’s bright outside.

  • Anonymous

    I might just have to buy me an iPad3. Which would be my first.

  • Dan

    I want an iPad 3 that’s delivered to my door already jailbroken!

  • Thomas Gehman

    As long as there is a Retina Display, better camera with flash, and Siri, it’s worth getting no matter what.

  • Anonymous

    As big as iPad 1 is fine with a he camera in front and back, quad core A6 chip, gig of memory, Siri, retina hd display, and maybe NFC on board….

  • I would prefer higher screen resolution. I don’t mind the thickness. It is not at all necessary.