Besides Verizon, it looks like no one is in favor of the $39 billion AT&T/T-Mobile merger. According to AllThingsD‘s Ina Fried:

You can add the chairman and staff of the Federal Communications Commission to the list of those who believe AT&T’s deal to acquire T-Mobile USA would hurt competition. […] FCC officials said on Tuesday that the agency found in its review not only that the deal would hurt competition, but also that it represents an unprecedented reduction in competition. In every market except Omaha (where T-Mobile does not offer service), the agency found that the merger would reduce competition to a meaningful degree.

Obviously AT&T is not giving up and they’ll use every possible mean to have the deal go through. Some lawyer firms are about to make a lot of money!

  • at&t sucks

  • Anonymous

    I had both the Verizon and ATT iPhone. Live in CA, Ventura County….. Verizon has MUCH better coverage, ATT was a bit faster with data speeds, when working.

    Also, Verizon gave me a $400 credit to come back to them (making it so I could early upgrade to iPhone 4 when it came to Verizon lol)

  • at&t has great coverage in my area, and I hope that the deal goes through because it will only make service better. AT&T is trying to make their service better, but no one wants them to be able to cept verizon 😉

    • I gotta say I am pro as well. I have tmobile and if this would bring unlocked iPhones to us I am all for it. Just as long as I can keep my awesome tmobilenvalue plan. AT&T is pricey.

  • I gotta say I am pro as well no am with tmobilenand if this would bring unlocked iPhones to us I am on board. Just as lOng as I can keep my awesome tmobile unlimited value Plan. AT&T is pricey.

  • You know…, maybe in the very near future it not gonna be carriers that provide service. Steve Jobs may be right about wifi cutting into cellular. Look at the many VOIP and walkie talkie apps in the app store. Pretty soon everything is gonna be running through data streams. Plus, everything will be better and faster through wifi.