In the 10th episode of Ask Jeff, I tackle questions pertaining to iPhone theming, iPhone 4S battery solutions, Android tablets, how to attach items to emails, and much, much more.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 episodes, but time flys when you have tons of interesting questions to mull over. Check inside to tune in to episode 10, and be sure to think of some good questions for the next episode…

If you have a question that you’d like me to answer on the air, leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer your question on episode XI!

  • Anonymous

    What are apps/tweaks that you have installed in your iPhone? Don’t you have conflicts and/or bugs among them?

  • Hi Jeff. I am on iOS 5.0.1 on my iPhone. After the upgrade there is “1” on my Settings icon suggesting me that there is an update. I ‘ve been through all the settings and could not find anything updateable. Have you heard about this issue?

    Thanx – Martin

  • Anonymous

    Do you watch NBA? If you do, what’s your favourite team?

  • Hey Jeff, Big Fan. What do you think of the KindleFire from amazon not having physical volume keys?

  • Hey Jeff can you do a video on Lockinfo vs Intellscreenx on iOS 5?

  • Wondering what the best way to update my Facebook and Twitter status at the same time on a non-jail broken iPhone would be? Using Selective Tweets for desktop applications.

  • Have you noticed that the iPod Touch 4g is extremely laggy on iOS5 due to memory issues? People are complaning about it on the Apple forums, but I never see it on Apple news sites.

  • Anonymous

    About moving stuff from one iTunes account to another: wouldn’t Home Sharing be an option for this situation? If your reader just wants copies of purchases in a new account, they should be able to authorize that account and–since it’s a family account I’m assuming they share a wifi network at least once in awhile–just drag and drop files from one Shared Library to another. My wife and I do this all the time; the only catch is that updating an app from the old library would require the password for that account–but obviously your reader already has that information.

  • Anonymous

    For the person with the home button issue, if you have iOS 5 installed you can enable assistive touch via settings > general > accessibility. This however, is assuming you can enter settings

  • hi Jeff~~i from Malaysia~
    got a cydia tweaks can make statup bar ad homescreen look infinity?~~~it mean make the darkness side gone~at homescreen~~

  • Hello Jeff, I’m on 5.0 and Jailroken. The thing that’s driving me crazy is that my iPhone today checked for updates and found 5.0.1 and now I can’t get the rid of “1” notification badge on my settings app. Is there any free tweak to hide just this? I still want to be able to see notifications from other apps.


  • hi jeff i have ios 5 installed on my iphone 4 and when i installed winterboard it kind of messed up the animation when you swipe through pages. is it a compatibility bug with ios5?

  • Hey Jeff where can I find the video that shows how to jailbreak the atv2

  • Hi Jeff, Is there a tweak that allows me to sync my iPhone 3GS using iOS 5.0 with my computer without plugging it to a power source? I want to use the iOS 5.0 sync.

    Also if I buy an iPad 2 can I downgrade it to 4.3.3 easily?

  • i want to port siri on my i phone
    i try to port it before but i couldn’t do it so can you help me

  • Érico Gonçalves

    hey jeff, try talking to the camera next video. show your face my friend! 😉 it’s kinda weird to listen to your voice while we see only your fingers! lol

  • Hey Jeff, how long does it normaly take you to record a video, edit it and then upload it?

  • Is there anyway to download podcasts automatically without itunes?

  • Hi Jeff. I am Cambodian. I am using iphone 4 with ios5 and now i have a problem with tether jailbreak. I want to restore back to ios 5 using itune but i can’t while ios 5.0.1 released. How can i restore to ios 5? please help. thank

  • Hi Jeff. I’m cambodian
    I’m using iphone 4 running ios 5 and now i have a problem with my tether jailbreak. I want to restore back to ios 5 while ios 5.0.1 released but i can’t. How can i reinstall ios 5? please help thank.

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible to convert your iphone 3g so that it will run like an iphone 3gs och iphone 4??

  • If I install and apply a retina Winterboard theme on my iPod Touch 4, it lags like shit. How can I fix that?

  • Jeff, I remember you mentioning in a past episode that you only use a screen protector on the back of your iphone 4. I don’t use a case or screen protector at all right now for my new iphone 4 and have noticed some light scratching to the back and even on the camera lens. Do you find that a screen protector on the back interferes with the picture quality since it would completely cover the camera lens? What are my best options for protecting the glass back (especially the camera lens) without ending up with blurry pics from a scuffed up screen protector covering the lens?

  • Hi what should I install on ios uisetting sbsettings or intelliscreen x love your videos (;

  • Michael Woo

    Hi Jeff

    I have a 3GS with loads of text messages. Have just gotten a 4S and was trying to transfer all these SMSs to the new phone as if the texting occurred on the new phone. Can this be done and how to go about it. Thanks.

  • Ashley Bowser


    I have been working to upload some of my own video content to youtube, but often it takes forever. What helpful hints can you give that help your video not take so long to upload? Things like file format, length, etc.


  • Chris Bendrey

    Hi Jeff,

    I was wondering if you knew of a tweak that would let you open certain apps or invoke certain toggles when connected to a particular wifi network, or at a particular location?