Last night, Apple aired a new TV ad for the iPad 2. The commercial is fairly similar to previous adverts, showing people from all walks of life using the tablet in different ways.

The ads are actually an accurate reflection of how the iPad has made its way into several industries. We’ve seen the iPad replace everything from voters ballads to NFL play books

Apple has dominated the tablet market with its iPad line since it unveiled the original last year. It’ll be interesting to see if it can maintain that dominance in the face of stiff competition, like the cheaper Kindle Fire.

What do you think of Apple’s new ad?

  • iPad 2 is the best tablet ever. I love it!

  • Anonymous

    The thing with android talents, is that the thing is all over the acts slow, the menus are not intuitive and looks like someone didn’t even consider this as a potential device for seniors, android is just pure raw power for geeks and those that like to deal with a badly designed interface. Personally, I like the iPad cause is super easy to use, and I don’t have to provide my mom with tech support anymore….if I had given her an android (if I was cheap) I would be spending my nights and weekends training her. Now with the ipad, she even manage to upgrade to ios 5 by herselft,man’s so far no issues.

    • No wiser words were ever spoken man
      True so true….

  • Can anyone tell me what apps were used in this ad???

    • Anonymous

      In the Ad, I’m looking for the app, that the person is painting grass fill onto the foreground layer of a photo. If anyone knows the app name, please advise. Thanks!

  • In the add the man said “We All Have Some Thing to Speak To Us” Don’t you think that is a HINT that sais SIRI is coming