Most of the tweaks that have come out for Notification Center have focused solely on function. BlurriedNCBackground is a jailbreak tweak that puts function aside in favor of looks.

And it looks good; real good. If you want to add a blurred background to your Notification Center, then check out the video inside for more details on this interesting visual tweak…

There are three options contained in BlurriedNCBackground’s settings panel: the ability to adjust the amount of blur, the divide ratio, and asynchronous blurring mode.

The most interesting option is asynchronous blur mode, because it forces the blur only after the Notification Center is completely loaded. Otherwise, there is a slight delay when invoking Notification Center due to the fact that blur must be applied first.

If you’re a jailbroken iOS 5 user, then you definitely want to check out this awesome tweak on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Not only is it free, but it’s a great alternative to the stagnant linen background.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

  • Joey Segalla

    I have heard good things about it, haven’t checked it out but since iDB suggests it, I most certainly will!

  • Dan

    just got it, it’s pretty neat! barely slows up the drop down. You even have an option to make it so the blur appears a second later if you .5 second slowdown bugs you.

  • downloaded this yesterday, LOVE IT. it warns about slowin down the NC but I honestly haven’t noticed. one of the cleanest tweaks I’ve seen.

    • I don’t like how it blurs the lockscreen too with intelliscreenX.. Hmmm

  • This is great.. But it disables the slide to unlock with intelliscreenX 🙁 I had to delete it. If it didn’t do it on the lockscreen I would keep it for sure.. Hopefully there is an update

  • Donavan Asmawidjaja

    It crashed on my iPhone yesterday, when I want to put the Notification Screen. *Try it again*

  • Siddharth Desai

    Crashes when you use QuickReply for BiteSMS on IntelliscreenX.

    • I’m going to delete it then cos I have bitesms and intelliscreenX

    • doesn’t crash for me, I have both as well and have used quickreply multiple times.

  • Kok Hean

    Heh, Aero effect.

  • iamlynda

    Looks so good! wish my 4S was jailbroken – I would definatley get this one

  • Anonymous

    I tried it and didn’t like it. I prefer this one: “Black NotificationCenter.” It is more clean, elegant and matches my pitch Black wallpaper.

  • Cant find in BigBoss repo. Anyone else had same problem?

  • Anonymous

    what is the name of app which makes clock like that ???

  • OMG.. i love this tweak !