Verizon has aired a new commercial that takes a playful jab at its main competitor, AT&T. Touting the iPhone 4S on its network, Verizon’s ad shows a group of stranded boat passengers helplessly floating in the ocean.

They all have iPhones. One of the iPhones is on Verizon. We’ll let you guess which one is able to actually make the call for help…

Strangely, AT&T still isn’t losing that many iPhone customers to Verizon and the other competition.

  • true true

  • they aren’t losing customers because of contracts!

  • Michael Mcgriff

    AT&T service is not that good but their fan base is set.

  • Dan

    maybe they’re not getting good reception because they are in water, and don’t have waterproof cases for their phone…

  • But atleast AT&T customers can surf and talk atmsame time.

  • I have seen it yesterday for the first time and I though of course it was the iPhone. But then didn’t knw it was te att&t and verion and when the guy started talking in the water I knw that could possibly but a Verizon phone, I looke closer and discovered it was te iPhone 🙂

  • How is this different from any other Verizon commercial other than the finally got the iPhone.

  • verizon was to late to get to the dance..

  • I still don’t understand the difference between Verizon and AT&T (basically the difference between GSM & CDMA)

  • Max

    Lol ONLY reason why I’m still with AT&T when I promised myself that will jump ship when Verizon had the iPhone is because my unlimited data and the call and surf at the same time :-/

    • So why would you want Verizon?

      • Max

        Because I had Verizon before the iPhone and they had the best customer service! I miss that!

  • It could be Sprint

  • so what if verizon has better coverage. who really needs to call while in the middle of the ocean? or on a volcanoe or in the middle of costco? also verizon iphone has was slower download and upload specs. sorry id rather have 3 bars of 3g and be just as fast as a full bar verizon phone than be stuck with a crappier phone. plus developers make jailbreaks and all that for att iphones first then they move on making tham for the other services.

    • Try calling during a large concert or a sporting event. You’ll watch your iPhone try to connect forever and then most of the time, not connect (while it drains the hell out of your battery). I won’t switch to Verizon (because of my unlimited and corporate discount), but AT&T can be very, very frustrating.