For years, security firms have agreed that iOS is one of the most secure mobile platforms in existence. Apple’s stringent app approval process and the limited API access it gives to third party developers has proven effective in keeping iOS safe from malware.

Google takes the exact opposite approach with its Android operating system. And while that’s proven effective in drawing in iOS defectors who don’t appreciate Apple’s ‘walled garden’ of an operating system, it also leaves its users susceptible to malicious software…

The folks over at Juniper Research have put together a report regarding malware on the Android platform. Its findings show that malicious software has seen a startling jump over the last few months, with malware samples growing at staggering rates in October and November.

The Juniper team actually found so much alarming data, it felt the need to construct this gigantic infographic to convey it:

The data, although scary, doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Anyone can pay $25 for access to Android’s app developer program, and programmers are even able to submit software anonymously. Not to mention that apps aren’t even screened before they’re uploaded to the Android Market.

Unless Google steps in, it doesn’t look like this is going to change anytime soon. It’s just like society or anything else — without rules, there will be chaos.


  • Unfortunately thats the bad point about android, malware and security risks, unless googles steps over and screens every app that goes into the marketplace its scary what can happen, might get even worse than the pc chaos with viruses, at least there users are educated and first thing they do i install and antivirus on their PCs, will this happen in android phones as well? Its a shame really since the openness google was promoting will bite them back really hard!

    At least Apples’s walled garden is walled enough to keep such sort of malware away from the platform!

    • Anonymous

      It will be far worse. You’re now giving malware makers a 24 hour data connection with the most intimate of devices. It’s like a dream come true for them.

      The openness is meaningless. So far it’s only benefitted corporations and not the end user. You don’t see some college student or Mom and Pop forking Android off to create, what they believe, may be the ideal OS.

  • I love hearing about all these Android vulnerabilities. I don’t wanna say I told you so, but I told you so. Open source is like leaving the man hole cover open and now the rats are running rampant. It can only get worse.

    • Jon Garrett

      if Android users don’t want viruses they should stay away from 3rd party sites. if iOS users don’t want viruses they shouldn’t jailbreak and download from Cydia.


      • When is the last time you or anyone you know got an infection from malware from Cydia or any other source on a jailbroken iOS device?

        You can happily jailbreak and sleep safe at night.

      • Jon Garrett

        If you got a virus from a 3rd party Android site, how would you know you got it? if you got a virus from Cydia or some other 3rd party site, how would you know you got it?

        and happily jail breaking does not let you sleep at night. my wife’s i4 kept having her WiFi turned off which in turn led to her always going over her 2GB plan. my i4 had a strange bug where sometimes the keys I typed would not be the keys that are activated, Id have to respring or sometimes reboot. and BOTH of us had the strange bug that deleted emails would reappear (not sit there and tell me you never had that one happen)

        jail breaking also caused lag and the occasional freeze. (now tell me you never had that one either)

        lets not forget that the current jailbreak is untethered (semi tethered if you add the big boss repo)

        those are just some of the things that can keep you up at night if you jail break.

    • Arthur Geron

      Is it really about it being open source or is it really about they not charging anyone to develop apps, or the fact that they don’t analyse or filter any app that anyone wants to add to the play store?

  • sam

    Once more: Android = Fail
    The proof is in the pudding…

    • Jon Garrett

      yeah, proof is in the pudding. you waited 16 months for a “flagship” iPhone that sported all of Android’s 6 month old features, a shitty battery followed by an OS update after what, 2 weeks, and that’s being followed by another to release in a couple of days. so yeah, its a fail when you release a phone 6 months late, with known HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE flaws and an OS full of features you stole from the competition (remember, 2011 would be the year of the copycat)

  • Tom Tucker

    since i own devices with android and ios, i think i can speak without offending apple die hards nor android die hards. both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. but in regards to the matter in this article, it is as simple as working with windows on a pc. as with anything in life, be smart, pay attention to what youre downloading/installing, install lookout or some other reputable security software app on your android device and just be aware of what youre doing. no platform is 100% secure. be it osx, windows, ios or android. apple has security software built into their os. android, you just have to install an app or 2 to accomplish the same goal. end result is basically the same outcome. 1 company just does it for you, the other you have to take 2 seconds and install an app.
    I use both my ios and android device for work and personal use and have had zero issues with either device both from a functional and security standpoint.

  • Anonymous

    WHO CARES!!! iOS has enough problems/issues too, instead of us talking abt our problems, we spend our enery bashing andriod at every chance we get.Its like iOS can do no wrong lets always pick on android and show them how worthless the OS is. GROW UP APPLE FAN BOYS!!!

    • Why do you fucking read an Apple blog if you’re an Android fanboy? Are you stupid? Please, stop offending people, or leave… iDB also talks about iOS problems like the battery issue so your argument is complete bullcrap.

      • Anonymous

        YOU ARE VERY…VERY…STUPID!!! Where in my post did you read that I’m an android fanboy.
        As a matter of fact, if you had taken your head out of your ass b’4 reading you would have realized that, in my
        comments I made mention that WE should worry about our problems with iOS. I have
        never owned an android device b’cos I just like my apple products.

        Learn to read before u make stupid comments or leave the commenting to the smart ones

  • Dan

    damn, happy I went with Apple products over Android.

  • Antonio Castro

    haha, that sucks…wait till google really gets into the NFC payments game and people lose their money by the Billions….

    • Jon Garrett

      like all those people who got their iTunes accounts hacked……more than once.

  • Antonio Castro

    openness has its price….privacy, identity theft, data theft and soon your BANK account…