The consumer cloud storage market is getting pretty crowded. There’s SugarSync, Amazon’s CloudDrive, and the ever-popular Dropbox. Not to mention that one of the biggest names in tech, Apple, just joined the game with iCloud.

But that’s not going to keep new-comer Pogoplug from trying its hand at cloud services. The company just announced that Pogoplug Cloud is now live for all of your online storage needs. And like its iCloud counterpart, new users get 5GB of free storage…

The service features a similar folder sharing interface to Dropbox, but offers 3GB more of free space. Pogoplug also has native Mac and iOS apps that make syncing files and content a breeze. You can even stream videos in HD from your desktop to your device.

And if the free 5GB of storage isn’t enough, Pogoplug’s rates are on par with other cloud services. The 50GB plan runs $10 per month, and the 100GB option costs $20 per month. That’s dead even with Dropbox, and a little more expensive than SugarSync.

So if you’re in the market for a new cloud storage service, it might be worth looking into Pogoplug Cloud. If you’re interested, you can register a new account over at Pogoplug’s website. You can also download the Pogoplug iOS app for free in the App Store.

Have you tried Pogoplug Cloud? What do you think?

[Cult of Mac]

  • Anonymous

    I say it’s great to backup your data, but it your backup fails your screwed. I think I’ll give good ol’ PogoPlug a try.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe it offers the same automatic sync to a local folder like Dropbox?

    EDIT- I guess you can. I was confused at first as there’s 2 different Pogoplug software apps you can install, 1 is just a browser and the other is to sync local files-

  • Actually, pogoplug has been around for a while now. I have dockstar which is a companion to seagate portable drives and pogoplug. You connect dockstar to your router (wireless or not) then connect your portable drives (up to 4) to dockstar, create free pogoplug account, register your dockstar…..instant FREE access to everything on your portable drives from anywhere, plus you can stream music you have downloaded and with a file converter you can convert your movies and videos to ios format and stream them to your idevice…..all free. I think i paid $50 or so for dockstar. No going through pogoplug’s server, its all on my personal harddrives.