The latest version of biteSMS is shaping up to be something special. The team has worked hard for months, issuing beta after beta to get version 6 of our favorite jailbreak messaging client just right for iOS 5.

We already covered some of biteSMS’ upcoming new features before, but this time around we’re focusing exclusively on one feature in particular — quick compose from Notification Center.

IntelliScreenX has it, and now the biteSMS team has it as well. Check inside for a full video walkthrough of the new quick compose elements of biteSMS…

As you can see, the quick compose in biteSMS looks extremely similar to that of IntelliScreenX, which is a great thing since IntelliScreenX looks awesome in itself.

The biteSMS team says that version 6.0.15 of the beta — the version featured in the video — is close to final and pretty stable. Hopefully we can expect an official release in the coming weeks.

If you want to try out the beta version for yourself, simply add the following repo address to your Cydia sources:

Are you as excited about the new biteSMS as we are? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Ughhhh.. Its killing me. I want a jailbreak for my iPhone4s so I can use BITESMS already!

  • Just need s jailbreak now for miss my BiteSMS..

  • Thanks for this video Jeff, awesome update to BiteSMS!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, IntelliscreenX does not have it – it may be under development, but until it is released….

    • Anonymous

      I am pissed about that too…. I was more then willing to pay for IntelliscreenX for the quick reply/compose functionality… but now my trial is over and I cant even test the new features (and they are not even out yet)

      BiteSMS is doing the job, I just wanted the clean feel from IntelliscreenX… they posted that great video and nothing has been said since. Really stupid… make a 3 day trial for something that will have more features soon…

  • You guys, try the using the quick compose with activator!! 🙂

  • i dont know what i would do if i didnt have bitesms..its freaking aswome!!

  • I wish BiteSMS and IntelliScreenX would have quick compose implemented the same way as WeeCompose.

  • To tell the truth I don´t like bite sms as it continues to be intrusive to wherever screen you ar in your iphone. I love mobile notifier and now with ios5 it is really good, so can somebody explain me why to use bite sms which will block your entire screen!

    • I’d imagine you can set it to display the way it is on iOS 5, yet still retain the quick reply/compose features.

    • go to bitesms app > settings > quick reply > apple settings. it will appear as a banner when you get text as if you was using your stocked messaging app.
      also you would need to go to settings > notification > messages > banner.

  • Patiently waiting, but all betas are buggy as hell. Definitely hoping they work out the old features, I’ve read that some specific features may or may not make it, which sucks because they’re the main reason I use biteSMS. Hope they work something out.

  • I still miss the “press home button to dismiss text” feature from iOS 4. 🙁

  • if i’m not mistaken, both teams are working together to have both intelliscreenx and bitesms working together…

  • Ernesto Carrillo

    Bitesms is the best. I love it. My iphone 4 is killing all my friends that upgraded to the 4s. Thank u