Today is going to be a slow news day, and because I know most of you would rather be home than at work, I thought it’d be nice to entertain you with a pointless YouTube video.

This is the story of Coco, a pug that really, really, really hates the iPhone. But I won’t tell you more than that. Just watch the video to see a true Android fandog in action…

Yes, I know, it’s ridiculous.

  • He just probably hates the music. It’s the only thing the dog would actually respond to in that add.

    • What the dog is blind? He couldn’t respond to the images?

  • Why no new info =( app giveaways?

  • What the dog is blind? He couldn’t respond to the images?

  • Иван Васин

    But anyway, it’s funny )))

  • 😉

  • I bet that pug is Larry Page’s dog. You guys should have seen Bill Gates’ dog watching an iPod ad on TV!

  • you said something about slow news day

    • i said it so no one else would say it first 🙂

      • Haha. Beat them to it…l like it..

  • Dan

    slow news day indeed lol but it made it laugh.

    Funny how he huddles his head down as if the shear outrage of the iphone makes him need to bit down in frustration.

  • I think the owner has trained the dog to hate his ex-girlfriend, not the iPhone. 🙂

  • Cool dog..

  • im not saying that i can understand what a dog says,but when he barks,it sounds to me like ‘i want-it…! i want-it…!’
    see for yourself.