Apple has officially released iTunes 10.5.1 to the public following several developer betas. iTunes Match has been in the final testing stages for months, and beta 3 of the cloud music service was seeded to developers over the weekend.

Alongside iTunes 10.5.1, Apple is finally releasing iTunes Match to the US public today after a two week delay. It’s finally here…

The new iTunes is also available on Apple’s website, and the 10.5.1 is propagating in Software Update for Mac and Windows users. iTunes 10.5.1 is required to use iTunes Match, and iOS 5 users will be able to access their tracks in the cloud once the service is enabled in iTunes.

Neither iTunes 10.5.1 nor iTunes Match seem to be available for everyone yet, as Apple is still rolling things out. If you can’t get the new iTunes in Software Update, we recommend downloading it directly from Apple’s website.

iTunes Match is still a US-only service.

More screenshots:

A one-year subscription to iTunes Match costs $24.99. You can enable iTunes Match in the iTunes Store.

  • Anonymous

    +1 Apple

  • does iTunes match work in europe – uk??

    • Not yet, it’s still US only.

      • So it’s a misleading title then, should be ‘American’ Public.

    • you can buy a prepaid credit card usa of course from parman enterprise

  • Not here in Spain. Just downloaded iTunes 10.5.1 and no sign of it. My music app on my iPhone hasn’t got the toggle in the
    Settings/music page either.

  • Anonymous

    How good is iTunes Match at identifying your music collection?

    I have a lot of music in my library that iTunes is not able to find cover art for due to the ID3 tags not matching what they are looking for. I fixed a few of the ID3 tags and the cover art was found, so I know it is a problem with my tags.

    Will this be a problem?

  • iTunes Match is a truly wonderful idea but not so much fun if you’ve got 60,000 plus oldskool tunes to upload. Then again, I’ve been collecting my music for 35 years not sure that I really want to put it up in the clouds.

  • WOMM! Although iTunes said it wasn’t accepting new subscribers, it offered me the radio buttons to subscribe, so I went for it and lo and behold…it went through! I’m currently in the “gathering information about your iTunes library” stage right now…WOO-HOO!!

  • Anonymous

    I was reading at gizmodo that it is not streaming at all it is just downloads the song from iTunes for free… So my questions to someone who has it already installed where do you go to play the Match Music in the music app or in the iTunes app?

    • That is correct. It doesn’t stream it. It is basically the same thing though because as your song is downloading you can be playing music. It’s not quite as convenient, but still, to be able to match all of your music to the iTunes library and be able to play it on any device is great.

  • How much storage does this take up? I wouldn’t want to use all of my icloud storage with my music.

  • So when is iTunes Match launching internationally?

  • Anonymous

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  • omakad

    Alex I’m thinking about ordering it, but I’m wondering if you can give us follow up post about this service. I wonder how you will like it after few days of usage. I’m also looking at Spotify, Rdio and MOG. I know this isn’t the same, but I’m thinking one of the streaming services might be a better choice?! What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    24 BUCKS?! Hell, I can’t wait to see how THAT goes for Apple.

    I see iTunes match with the popularity MobileMe has/had. (none)

  • Hey I don’t hv a credit card, I use iTunes gift cards for purchasing apps and music.
    Can I use those gift card to subscribe for iTunes match?

    • Oliver Meyer

      “You may subscribe to iTunes Match for an annual fee. You must have a valid credit card on file with iTunes to subscribe. “

  • Mary James Lawrence

    Am I right to assume that if you download while in the USA, it will work in Europe or anywhere in the world???

    • it will work with the same user name anywhere in the world

  • Oliver Meyer

    Originally from Apple’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS