When we used the basic version of WeeSearch, we came a way a little less than impressed. While the pro version of WeeSearch isn’t perfect, it’s a lot better than its predecessor.

With WeeSearch Pro you can search a variety of built-in search engines. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, you can even add your own custom search queries.

The great thing about WeeSearch Pro is that you can do all of this without ever leaving the comfortable confines of iOS 5’s Notification Center…

WeeSearch Pro may look a lot like the original WeeSearch at first glance, but a quick trip to the Widget’s settings quickly clears up that misconception.

There are lots of options contained in WeeSearch Pro, and the nice thing about it is that you never have to leave Notification Center. Yes, even the settings are configured directly from Notification Center. This is a definition of a well designed and self contained jailbreak widget.

WeeSearch Pro contains 10 built in search engines, but in reality there is no finite number thanks to the ability to edit and create your own custom search queries.

My favorite thing about WeeSearch Pro is the “mini browser” mode, which eliminates the need to open search queries in a separate Safari browser. This allows the Notification Center to retain focus, and for searches to be performed in a more efficient manner.

If you’re convinced and your iOS 5 installation is jailbroken, you can purchase WeeSearch Pro from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.49.

What are your thoughts?

  • As i predicted, nearly everything is being made for the notification center these days -.-
    I get that it seems like the ‘cool’ thing to do now. But i for one would like to be able to use these cool tweaks, and use my notification center.. as a notification center.
    P.S. Tweak is cool ;P

  • Very useful and impressive self-contained widget.

    I was hoping Apple would have done something like this and integrated an enhanced version of spotlight into the iOS5 Notification Center. That would have been very handy.

    Anyhow, it would be awesome if you could swipe the WeeSearch Pro widget to the right or left to reveal other pages in addition to the primary search page and settings page. Other pages could possibly include a (short) list of bookmarks/reading list, search history, etc.

    Jeff, does the mini-browser render websites using iOS5’s Reader view?

    Also, when typing a search query, does it include autocorrect or search suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    Is there a notification widget that allows me to access the multi-tasking bar without double-clicking the home button? I have had 2 iPhones replaced at Apple Store because of the malfunctioned Home button 🙁

    • Try “Activator” @ cydia.. You can set gesture of your choice @ setting to perform the Home Button function anywhere

    • Jeremy Weisser

      zypher is a great one for that, very smooth gestures for one finger swipes and you can disable it in any apps that it messes with.

  • i bought it and downloaded it and it doesnt show up anywhere.. what could the problem be?

    • Jeff Benjamin

      Did you go to Settings > Notifications and Enable it?

  • I can’t open manage search engines in weesearch pro , how should i do ?