A few days ago we showed you how to enable iOS’s built-in but hidden autocorrect bar using a series of simple yet time consuming steps.

If you’re still interested in enabling the autocorrect bar, but the manual process turned you off, then we have good news for you.

Autocorrection Bar is a simple to use jailbreak tweak that will easily enable the autocorrect bar if you have a jailbroken iPhone. It even includes an enhancement…

The upside to this tweak is that it’s much faster than enabling manually, and it even includes an “Action Button” enhancement to perform actions directly from the autocorrect bar. I imagine this would work really well with Action Menu, which by no coincidence was developed by the same developer — Ryan Petrich.

The downside, of course, is that unlike the method mentioned at the beginning of this article, you will need a jailbroken iPhone to utilize this tweak.

Which method have you used? Personally, I hate the auto correct bar, and I see why Apple left it hidden. It’s cumbersome, confusing and frustrating; I disabled it immediately after this walkthrough.

  • Please write the iOS it supports because lately I take everything from you as iOS5 only

    • Jeff Benjamin

      4.3 and above. But as the video states, the Action Button only works with 5.0+.

  • Dan

    sweet gonna try this out

  • Anonymous

    I noticed it had some problems when filling in text fields in web apps, text would start over, ended up disabling.

  • What the author of these “tweaks” didn’t tell you, is by enabling this modification, you lose 3 things…
    1. Less available screen space
    2. No auto list of contacts to choose from when writing a name in the TO box in an email. (not sure if that is explained right)
    3. Instead of writing as normal, after each word regardless of length, you have to hit an “accept” button before the space bar button shows up. It really complicates writing anything!

    IMO, this option is horribly written as implemented. It’s no wonder it has been disabled until it gets refined. i look forward to when these issues don’t occur with this feature.

    • Anonymous


  • I HATE IT TOO!!!! it’s the stupidest tweak i’ve ever installed on my iPhone!

  • Thibault Bain

    i downloaded autocorrection bar on my iphone4…. it didnt work and now the auto-correction setting isnt working after i uninstalled it!

  • Pipo

    i Know this is a little bit old, but is there a way to get this working on ios6? please answer