After months of beta testing, Apple released iOS 5 to the masses on October 12th. The update was one of the biggest ever for Apple’s mobile operating system, bringing in over 200 new features. But unfortunately, they didn’t come without a price.

Almost immediately after the new software was released, users began complaining of poor battery performance. Apple responded to the complaints with iOS 5.0.1, an update that was supposed to fix the highly-publicized battery bugs…

Over the last few hours, however, iOS 5 battery complaints have continued to pour in, even from users that installed the latest update. It appears that not all of the battery bugs were worked out of iOS, and according to AllThingsD, Apple itself has just confirmed that.

Here’s a statement from the company:

“The recent iOS software update addressed many of the battery issues that some customers experienced on their iOS 5 devices. We continue to investigate a few remaining issues.”

It looks like those who haven’t upgraded to iOS 5.0.1 should hold off until all of the battery issues are solved. If you plan on jailbreaking, you shouldn’t have updated in the first place. We’ll keep you updated on Apple’s progress.

  • Playing the waiting game..

  • Lupius

    I lose about 20% battery on the iPhone 4 running 5.0 every night on standby.

    • Riles Pro

      I lose 1% by putting it into AirPlane Mode overnight if I am not charging. I realize this may be an inconvenience, but a minor one

    • Anonymous

      i lose about 20percent sleep listining to you coplaining about losing 20 percent battery life

  • “It looks like those who haven’t upgraded to iOS 5.0.1 should hold off until all of the battery issues are solved.”

    Or a better idea is to update to remove the current issues that have been fixed. Better to have 3 or 4 issues draining the battery than 9 or 10! (actual numbers unknown but you get the idea)

    Mine is updated and my battery issues stopped. But the phone has iCloud, Bluetooth, and timezone watch turned off.

  • should I update my iPad 2 which barely gets any battery on 5.0 on standby? I left it unplugged for one night and I had 70% after having 100%. And this is against their one month of standby thing!

    • Riles Pro

      Erase it and reinstall iOS 5.0.1 to start from scratch unless youre scared to lose your future potential JB. Also shut off as many lock screen notifications as possible and see my above comments with my iPhone 4S running 5.0.1.

      Good luck

  • Anonymous

    I got off work plugged in my 4S. Took a little nap. Woke up and looked at my phone and it had a blue window like the old text form ios4 saying I had a software update. I’m not updating!!!! I’m waiting for the jailbreak. Now I got the dam #1 update badge on my settings app. I tried to turn it off in notifications and the settings app is not in there. Has anyone else had this happen? And does anyone know how to get the 1 off the settings app???

  • i always keep the charger with me. recharge my phone anytime.

  • Anonymous

    It actually did fix the battery issue for me, EVEN with a hacktivated BB 6.15.00 iPhone 3GS. But I had to come back to 5.0 since Ultrasn0w wasn’t updated to be compatible with 5.0.1. I actually consider myself lucky since I downgraded 3 HOURS before Apple stopped signing it 😀 I hope they update Ultrasn0w

    • Kok Hean


      • Anonymous

        Exactly. Downgraded (opposite to “upgraded”) from iOS 5.0.1 to iOS 5.

      • Kok Hean

        But isn’t it impossible to go back, even when Apple is still signing the 5.0 firmware?

      • Anonymous

        No. As of Yesterday, before Apple released iOS 5.0.1, you could easily restore back to iOS 5 (even without SHSH blobs). I had to do a custom IPSW restore though, since my iPhone is on Baseband 6.15.00

  • Riles Pro

    The iOS 5.0.1 update did not change things for me, they held about constant. Probably because I had already stretched my usage time from (6 to 8 hours) to (8 to 12 hours) using all the good advice found here including shutting off all but 3 location services and system service, minimizing email, & notifications, turning off all data connections for about 1 hour per charge and setting Siri to handsfree only and no raise to speak.

    It’s a sad statement when my iPhone 4S 64GB is getting only a couple hours better life than the original Palm Pre!

  • ios5.0.1 save battery…

  • Anonymous

    Can on Apple you can do better then this.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? Just keep a charger with you. One in the car, a charger for work, etc.

    • Anonymous

      Who cares? The people that know that this ISN’T THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE, CARE. You shouldn’t need to carry a charger at all times, you shouldn’t have to worry about your battery draining on standby mode and you definitely shouldn’t be disabling features that make the iPhone one of the best phones ever. Hell, my battery is actually decreasing WHILE CHARGING as we speak. I didn’t know that was possible until Apple presented me to iOS 5. It’s not that I’m ungrateful, but this just plain sucks.

  • asda sada

    to all of those who say that we should disable features apple claimed a specific amount of battery life so they should be fixing this shit ,,, so now i have to shut many features to get a decent battery life , i have a feeling that i should shut my iphone off to get a good battery life damn this really sucks !!!

  • Anonymous

    I wanted and tried to be on iOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5.0 but believe me it was driving me crazy. First, my apps and tweaks that only worked at 80%; secondly, the battery life, it hardly lasted less than 18 hours; and last but not least Cydia crashed every time I synced with iTunes. I’m back on iOS 4.3.3 and it is wonderful to have your iPhone jailbroken with ALL your apps/tweaks at 100% all the time!

  • The weirdest thing, my complaint is that even if the battery is at 60% and I set it on airplane mode and leave it overnight, waking up 8 hours later its all empy :S. And no background apps running, everything is off!
    Im running ios 5.01 -> how can I report this problem to Apple?

  • Aboudeh Adra

    ok, so I have been with iOS 5.0 on my iPhone 4 for like 2 weeks now, it’s been good since I followed the time zone fix. anw from like 4 days I started experiencing a very bad battery and I donno why! I mean from the time I unplug it, it start dropping after like 1-2 mins of usage over wifi. Now I can’t have a day without having to recharge my iPhone twice! anyone had same issues?!

  • Anonymous

    wat about the ipod touch 4g the battery life on it is

  • I have upgraded to 5.0.1 and I can say I am extreamly happy with the battery performance on a 3GS
    I would lose around 20% battery power in a couple of hours on IOS 4 without doing anything. Now I can go almost a full working day with a few calls and only lose around 20%

    This upgrade has worked wonders on my device.

  • It didn’t fix ANY of the issues. I now have even less standby battery life than I did from the ios5 downgrade, yes I say downgrade because ios 5 ruined my ipod, and the ios 5.0.1 has been a further downgrade.