We’ve told you before, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again. As MuscleNerd just confirmed on Twitter moments ago, and as we told you yesterday, you should stay away from the iOS 5.0.1 update if you are a jailbreaker/unlocker.

Not only does iOS 5.0.1 patch exploits that could potentially allow for an untethered jailbreak, but there is also currently no way to downgrade from iOS 5.0.1 should you need to restore from a jailbreak…

You’ve been warned!

Now, if you don’t care about a jailbreak or unlock, please go ahead and download iOS 5.0.1.

  • wow … i updated to 5.0 yesterday … you don’t know how happy I am now that I have 5.0 😀

    • Anonymous

      Me too dude. Great minds think alike and all that 😉

    • Same here!!

  • All I can say is …..comex, stop fixing these holes…lol…

  • what don’t people understand about jailbreaking and not updating? this is old, old news. just dont update!

    • Anonymous

      You aren’t putting into consideration the newbies.

  • Personally I really don’t care for a jailbreak anymore . I could careless now . Reason I’m not updating is because I want my phone to have value when I resell it . Some people look for jail broken iPhone and unlock ones .

  • heh i downgraded from my old bootrom 3gs because iOS 5 was to buggy and laggy for me 4.2.1 and 4.3.3 are great

  • Anonymous

    I’m just hoping the jailbreak comes out soon. I’m missing my tweaks.

    • Ken Parkin

      I miss SBSettings, 5 icon dock, infinifolders, and shrink the most. 12 icons in a folder sucks…and I want my 80% icon size back. Please JB the 4S soon 🙂

  • Érico Gonçalves

    ok. i own an ipad 2 and i am waiting for the jailbreak. what am i supposed to do now: wait and stay on 5.0 or upgrade to 5.1??? please, someone help me!

    • i’m in the same shoe mate, i was so hoping for the untethered to arrive shortly after 5.0, hopefully it’s soon now!

  • I’m still on 4.2.1, so will that cause any issues when the iOS 5.0 jailbreak is released? How am I suppose to upgrade to 5.0 without a SHSH saved? Just curious, thanks!

  • whats the advice for people on 4.x.x??? do we need to have 5.0 before the window closes for any future potential jailbreaks?

  • whats the advice for people on 4.x.x??? do we need to have 5.0 before the window closes for any future potential jailbreaks?

  • Anonymous

    I am now jailbroken on 5.0 thanks to RedSn0w. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner actually. I was just scared of a tethered jailbreak I guess, but now that I see how easy it is (and how rarely I have to reboot) I’m glad I upgraded yesterday! The semi-tether option is a great comfort to have as well.

    Just a quick question, is there a specific way to turn off auto-updating (from the device itself) on my iPhone 4 and iPad2 to stop them from auto-updating to 5.1? I have them both on 5.0 and would like to keep it that way.

    Or does 5.1 still require upgrading through iTunes, so I have nothing to worry about?

    • OTA update isn’t automatic.
      You have to manually check for update and manually start update.
      So, no problem 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Thanks dude. That’s good to know 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Damn… That sucks… I was planning to update to update my iPad2 to 5.0, but too late now… 🙁

  • so if im on ios 5.0 right now can i still restore to 5.0? or when u i do the shift click restore, it will say my device isnt for the requested build or something like that?
    i just want to clear that up

  • 5.0 is still being signed as of right now (9:20 PM Pacific time zone)

  • 5.0 is still being signed by Apple as of right now (9:20PM Pacific time zone)

  • Just bought a new IPAD 2 – it want to download 5,1 is there anything I can do – it is currently on 4.3.5

    • Anonymous

      It depends how long Apple keep signing 5.0. They may have already stopped, but it’s worth a try. To do that, download the correct GSM or 3G 5.0 firmware for your device from the links on this site, and connect your iPad to iTunes.

      I think you need to then put your iPad into DFU mode (google this if unsure how) and then hold down the shift key while pressing the restore button in iTunes. A window will then open asking for the firmware and you select the 5.0 firmware you downloaded.

      If you get any errors, chances are that Apple have stopped signing 5.0.

  • daniel jones

    hi i have a iphone4 5.0 (9a334) 04.11.08 locked to a uk carrier. working outside europe and want to use local sim in it. can i unlock this phone yet?

    • Daniel – You’re out of luck, there is no baseband downgrade for 04.11.08 (yet) and o4/11/08 is not compatible with trusted unlockers that are out there. Some sites claim that they can downgrade any baseband and unlock your phone, but they ask for money, and I still have to read of someone I trust who used them with success. Maybe Gevey will come up with a solution before the bunch of hackers wo keep warning people about not upgrading to 5.0.1, the same who told us that jailbreaking for 5.0 was ‘covered’, a month and half ago…

    • Ask the carrier to unlock it…they might charge you, but you will still have to pay any contract that you are on..you don’t need any jailbreak for a unlock..

  • Anonymous

    What we all know now, is that the guy that found that bug hole, YET made Apple and the whole world know about it is just one COMPLETE RETARDED SON OF A B*TCH.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, i followed your instructions, downloaded 5.0.1 IPSW from your link (I have an Iphone 3gs with 5.0.1), but when i’m triying to select it, Redsn0w says me that this version isn’t supported. did anything go wrong ? What should I do ?

    • Anonymous

      Oh, wait… What was it that the title said? Oh, now I remember…


  • I downgraded my 5.0.1 (Yes 9A405) to 4.3.3 no problem. Just downloaded a fresh 4.3.3 IWPS and added that one thing in the host.. and wallah!

  • a noob question, i currently have 5.0 on my phone wich i also jailbreaked, i want to do a factory reset and reinstall it and redo the jb, but i wanna keep iOS5.0, is there a way to prevent it so when doing the reset that it dont auto install 5.0.1?