On paper, pico projectors seem like the perfect smartphone accessory. Even handsets with 4-inch displays prove to be a bit small when sharing media with multiple people, so a miniature portable projector makes sense.

But who wants to lug around an extra device? Isn’t that a major reason people own smartphones — so they don’t have to carry around multiple gadgets? Popular retailer Brookstone looks to solve this dilemma with its new Pocket Projector…

The new accessory features an integrated Texas Instruments DLP pico projector and a built-in 2100mAh battery combined in a slip-on case. The projector is capable of filling up a 50″ screen, with a resolution of 640 x 360.

Even though it’s a cool concept, the case does have its caveats. For starters, it’s extremely bulky — we can’t imagine carrying this thing around day-to-day. And at $230, the Pocket Projector is also fairly expensive. Especially considering it’s only compatible with the iPhone 4.

If you absolutely have to have a portable projector right now, it might be worth looking into Brookstone’s offering. Otherwise, we recommend waiting for Apple and other manufacturers to start integrating pico projectors into their devices.

What do you think of the Pocket Projector?

  • Whats funny about your last statement is the iPhone 4s is already projector capable. Found out today that hackers are working on tapping into the camera settings. That’s really the reason why we can’t turn that feature on now. Because we don’t have normal access to our camera settings. ANYWAYS keep your eyes out for jailbreaks and hacks to be able to access this feature! I will go look for that post I found about the capabilities of projection and post it.

    • Anonymous

      huh?? Please explain this projector capability and please provide some links…

  • Could be very use ful if only you can use a clicker to run keynote. The all you have to do is position your phone and start presenting

  • Dan

    looks like a nice gadget, run a rom emulator, project it to the wall and play using a wiimote lol

    but yeah would never pay 230$ for that