After multiple developer betas, and a series of customer tests, Apple has finally released iOS 5.0.1 to the masses. The update comes just under a month after Apple released iOS 5.0, which included over 200 new features.

Unfortunately, iOS 5 brought with it serious battery problems. And after weeks of complaints, Apple gave an official statement last week that confirmed both the presence of the bugs and the existence of a fix…

Early reports suggest that the new update has indeed resolved the issues in iOS 5 causing poor battery life. It also brings with it fixes for Siri, and other additions, like enhanced multitasking gestures for the original iPad. This is the short changelog provided by Apple:

  • Fixes bugs affecting battery life
  • Adds Multitasking Gestures for original iPad
  • Resolves bugs with Documents in the Cloud
  • Improves voice recognition for Australian users using dictation

But you still may want to stay away. As we reported yesterday, iOS 5.0.1 likely fixes a recent bug found by security researcher Charlier Miller. The bug, as reported by pod2g, could possibly make implementing an exploit for both iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S “dramatically” easier. You can read more about the security issues that iOS 5.0.1 addresses on Apple’s support page.

So, should you update? Unless your daily device’s battery performance is unbearable, we recommend jailbreakers holding off until we have more information. Updating could cripple your chances of a future jailbreak, and remember, there’s no way to downgrade in iOS 5.

You can download iOS 5.0.1 directly for all your iDevices from our Downloads page.

Update: MuscleNerd has confirmed on Twitter that jailbreakers and unlockers need to stay away from iOS 5.0.1.

  • Anonymous

    Any idea when iDB will know if we should update or not?

    • Anonymous

      if you want faster results try following @MuscleNerd on twitter

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t upgrade to IOS5 yet. I am still running IOS 4.3.1. Am I out of luck regarding an upgrade to IOS 5 and jail breaking in the event of an untethered JB for IOS 5? Please enlighten me.

    • Anonymous

      My understanding is you missed your window.

  • If Apple are still signing iOS 5 I would recommend going to ios 5 now.,,other wise iOS 5.0.1 could just fuck it up for you…there is no downgrade to iOS 5 once Applle stops signing it… Or you could just wait and see what happens…you can alway go back to ios4 at any time …as for us i4S users stick with ios5 for now if you can…

    • Anonymous

      How would you go about doing that? Since itunes will recommend IOS5.0.1.

      • You will need to download the iOS 5 IPSW …google felixbruns will find it there…if you are using a PC before you save the file you need to put this at the end of the file name .ipsw
        Then you will need to hold down shit and click restore to select the file you have just downloaded..

      • Anonymous

        I have downloaded IOS 5 IPSW weeks ago. It is sitting on my desktop on a mac. Do you know of any step by step instruction on how to do this manual upgrade?

      • There is posts on this site that can help you ..

      • Anonymous

        haha, “hold down shit” 🙂

      • Whoops….SHIFT……

  • if we do ota does it affect the baseband??

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I’m asking?

  • I updated my iOS version from 4.3.3 to 5.0 yesterday… Thanks to god I wasn’t too late for it.. 😀

  • Thnx god I have an iPod touch 4G with iOS 5.0.1 and iPhone 4S with ios 5 so that if a JB comes out I’ll be able to use it 🙂 🙂

  • If you have less then 50% battery the update will fail…your device needs to be plugged in a power sauce when below 50%…

  • Howard Ellacott

    Over the air update in so slow… even on WiFi. Taking forever to verify with apple.

    • What …took my wife’s 3GS minutes

    • it sholdent its only 40—–50 mb tiny

  • Does anyone know how long the 5.0 signing window will remain open?!?! I am on 4.3.3 and can’t get home until 4pm central time to upgrade to 5.0.

    • Apple normaly sign it still for a few days…but who knows this is now ios 5 things could change

      • Jim B

        Does it (5.0.1) have 3G option on it or is it still 3G ONLY?
        this is the one that’s been killing me since I switched to 4S. With spotty 3G coverage where I live I really, really need this option… anyone??

  • Anonymous

    Hi Howard, How do manually update using iTunes. Is there a tutorial somewhere. I am a newbie.

  • Anonymous

    Have anyone tried to upgrade from previous version to IOS5 ??

    • Tommy Lee

      when i connect my iphone to my PC just now, it says the newer version is 5.0.
      and i’m downloading the ipsw right now.
      i hope i can still update to 5.0
      damn, i thought 5.0.1 will be release next week.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t worry u will be able to upgrade to ios5. I have just upgraded my iphone and i didn’t have any issues.

  • Matthew Dans


    • Anonymous


    • ha ha

  • I did the update and my battery seems to be a lot better

  • anyone notice better battery after updating??

  • anyone notice better battery after updating??

  • too funny. i just updated to 5.0 yesterday. nick of time.

  • Can go to ios5.0 from 4.3.3 now in ipad2

  • Can we go to ios5.0 from 4.3.3 now in ipad2

  • I have update my iPhone 4S, there is noi Way to live whit this battery problem, then I only hope, at some day, Will jailbreak it

  • Богдан Лемещук

    I updated to ios 5 an hour ago and now i have a huge problem!!! when i turn on wifi on my ipod touch 4gen it starts downloading ios 5.0.1 automatically, how can i stop it? if i will turn on wifi for next 30-40 sec it will update me :(((( help please…

  • I have been on 5.0.1 Beta with the tethered JB and the semi-tethered patch via cydia and have no problems and my battery life has been fixed! I rarely have to reboot my phone, so this option works perfect. Why is everybody so reluctant to try this method?

  • I have been on IOS 5.0,1 beta for about a week now and used the tethered JB with the semi-tethered patch via cydia and this method works perfect! I rarely have to reboot my phone like I did on 5.0 and my battery issue is fixed, so why is everybody so reluctant to use this method?

  • Gaby S

    Is it too late?? Because I’m on 4.3.3 with a 3GS – old bootrom and I keep running into itunes errors when trying to upgrade to 5.0 (no baseband since I rely on an unlock). Is that why the errors? Or could it be something else?? (by the way, I know I’m going into pwned DFU mode properly via redsn0w because it tells me so. I’ve also edited my hosts file to no longer point to saurik’s servers). Thanks!