Yesterday, a hidden feature was revealed in iOS 5. It turns out that the panorama camera mode that Apple was rumored to be working on is actually baked into iOS. Shortly after the feature was exposed, jailbreakers were able to download a tweak to enable it.

But what if you’re not jailbroken? With no iPhone 4S jailbreak available, and no word on an iOS 5 untether, not everyone’s iPhone is hacked at the moment. Luckily, the folks over at FSM just posted a method to enable the Panorama feature — no jailbreak required…

All you need to enable the Panaroma feature is a desktop computer (PC or Mac) and file editing software that’s compatible with iDevices. FSM recommends using iBackupBot, but we’re assuming other titles like iExplorer would work just the same.

For the sake of this tutorial we’ll use iBackupBot, which you can download here for free.

Step 1. Backup your iPhone using iTunes.

Step 2. Load up iBackupBot, and open your latest backup.

Step 3. Locate the Library/Preferences/ file and open it.

Step 4. Add in the following code above the <key>LastSelectTab</key> line: <key>EnableFirebreak</key><string>YES</string>

Step 5. To save, click the Export icon. Once it’s exported, click the Restore icon and choose the file you just saved.

That’s all there is to it. FSM claims this trick works on the iPhone 4S, but I couldn’t get iBackupBot to recognize my 4S backups. Regardless, if your handset isn’t jailbroken and your dying to try the Panaroma feature, this is about your only option.

Any questions?

  • Anonymous

    Apple just wants to wait and use it as a new feature for iOS 5.1.

    • Jon Garrett

      like they did with video recording on the 3G/3GS

  • will this work on the iphone 4?

  • Santi Hervella

    Works great on my 4S. Thanks!

  • yes it works on my iPhone 4s 16 white it sick

  • yes

  • yes

  • ibackupbot won’t start. itunes mobile device module not found. error code: 127. any ideas?

    • did u find a sloution for this as mine is the same error

      • (Windows solution) Right click on the ibackupbot application and select Properties, click the Compatibility tab, check the box for “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select “Windows XP (Service Pack 3)” from the drop down and then click OK. Now try launching the program and it should work.

      • biog thanks troy mine works now with service pack 2 thanks so much
        now i got to edit the plist lol this should be fun

    • me too

      • the above works change the compatability to service pack 2/3 whatever u have mine works now big thanks to troy u r a star

    • Anonymous

      Copy the file SQLite3.dll from: Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Aplication Support
      Program FilesCommon FilesAppleMobile Device Support
      and it will work

  • gatorone

    My backup file does not have the LastSelectTab line. So what do I do?

    • Anonymous

      Put it under the tag that is under the DiskSpaceWasLow value.

  • Now Apple going nuts against jailbreakers

  • Hey i got a problem :S
    Everything is running fine, but when i try to export it, it says: found non-key inside at line 42
    Please help me! :S
    Oh my device is an iPod Touch 4G

    • Anonymous

      You probably put the script inside the tag.

  • I dont even have the LastTabSelect value in my mobileshow.plist.
    so I went with redmond pies tutorial wich is basically the same except they tell u to put the firebreak value directly under the DiskSpaceWasLow value.
    And it works great!
    just wanted to let ya know.
    Thanks for a great blog tho, Im an avid fan of iDB.

  • Worked great. Just wish apple will make it work when you use the phone in landscape mode

  • Willie Porter

    This worked as explaned! Thanks for the help

  • Will it work on iPad 2 ???

  • Works perfectly on my iphone 4s ! thanks

  • I have no idea how to open up my back up with these programs. When I plug my phone in, i just get my phone, music, ringtones, photos. any help?

  • I have no idea how to open up my back up with these programs. When I plug my phone in, i just get my phone, music, ringtones, photos. any help?

  • Rodrigo Reis

    The photos are completely green! 🙁

  • James Rowe

    Okay. I think what this tutorial forgets to mention is that to export and restore, you have to buy the software. Ive followed this tutorial completely and the entire file menu (the one with Import, Export, and restore in it) is completely greyed out. I am on Lion 10.7.2
    If someone has any tips to actually get this to work, that’d be great.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, James. I just did it on my iPhone 4. And used iBackupBot without having to buy it:

      1. No need to export and restore, just SAVE the modified backup (after you edit the .plist).
      2. Restore your iPhone from iTunes by right-clicking your (connected) iPhone device (shown on the left of the iTunes screen) and selecting “restore from backup” off the drop-down menu.

      Note: I used my Windows Vista 64-bit laptop, not my MBP. So, modify the UI keys to adapt to Mac OSX when in iTunes, but be sure to restore from backup, and do not do a complete restore.

      Ahhh… Forgot to mention: Anytime the “Buy” window creeps up, just hit CANCEL. And it will let you go through.

      This worked for me — no fuss, no muss.

  • ibackupbot won’t start.
    error code: 127

    • look above edit preferences in ibot right clik the ibot icon the preferences and enable the programm to work with xp service pack 2/3 watever u have then apply asve and ibot will work im all good now had same problem as u

  • anyone no how to get past error 127 itunes above 8 required etc

  • it’s not good at all.
    it makes an interrupted photo

  • Well I’m getting this now but the Keyboard bar sucks ass as of the moment so hopefully they update these!