Once iOS 5 was officially released to the public, it was like a flood of Notification Center jailbreak tweaks hit Cydia all at once. It was so much at one time that it was hard to wade through it all.

Now that the flood has finally turned into a manageable stream, we figured it was the appropriate time to highlight some of our favorite Notification Center jailbreak widgets yet…

5: NotificationCenter Enhancer

This is more of a tweak to the widget interface, than a widget itself, but it’s still very useful. NotificationCenter Enhancer allows you to add additional lines of text to Notification Center enabling you to read full emails and long SMS messages.

4: FavoriteContacts

Call, email and text your favorites directly from the convenience of Notification Center. An excellent widget that pulls in the info from your Phone app’s favorites.

3: OmniStat

The most robust system stats widget available on Cydia.

2: NowListening

This is probably my favorite Notification Center tweak out there. It allows you to receive banner notifications when you play a new song on the Music app. Very useful.

1: SBSettings

Did you really think I’d make this list without including what is arguably one of the most important jailbreak apps of all time? With the iOS 5 update, SBSettings can now reside in the comforts of the Notification Center. It just makes sense.

Of course that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Notification Center widgets. For a full run down of some of the other widgets you might find on Cydia, head over to our Notification Center section, and have at it.

Did your favorite widget make the list?

  • jose castro

    what no intelliscreenX lol

    • Jeff Benjamin

      IntelliScreenX isn’t out publicly.

      • jose castro

        o well the beta is sweet lol

      • Jeff Benjamin

        I agree. I was tempted to throw it in here, but it wouldn’t be fair to the widgets that are actually out.

      • I have installed IntelliscreenX twice now and removed it. It does really funny things to my mail app running two IMAP accounts. There was a beta update on the 4th November that was supposed to address this but still runs like a dog for me. I’m really dissapointed with it so far

    • Dan

      I can’t wait for the final version to get out lol

  • NowListening only shows the banner which is useless for me. Is there a way to make iPhone tell the title of now playing track?

    • Anonymous

      tell whom?

      • For example: you’re listening to your music, track changes and iPhone tells you (on speaker/headphones – depending on how you listen to it) the title of a track playing at the moment, so you don’t have to pull iPhone out of your pocket to check what track you’re listening to.

      • Anonymous

        sounds like a siri hack for me 😉

      • I would rather say that it sounds like VoiceOver hack 🙂

      • Chris Nichols

        Activate Siri via your headphone. Say “What song is this?” Siri will then tell you the track title and band. I admit that this will interrupt the song so you should only do it if you are dying to know what song it is.

  • iamse7en

    Does NowListening show all of those banners in notification center? e.g. if you listen to like 20 songs, do you have to go to notification center and then clear those 2 notifications?

    • Jeff Benjamin

      No, it’s just a banner notification. No entries into the actual Notification Center.

      • +1 <= test comment

      • Any way to force it to display current song? Being able to make it display with Activator would be sweet.

      • Jeff Benjamin

        I don’t think so. I know the developer was working on some improvements, so we’ll see. He had some cool stuff planned.

      • Look the last update 🙂 Supports Activator !

      • Anonymous

        while a song is playing, press & hold the statusbar. the banner will come up again

  • Anonymous

    With all the tweaks coming out for the Notification Center, it looks like the springboard is not going to be used anymore. lololol

    • Jeff Benjamin

      There was an abrupt flood, but it’s definitely slowed down over the last couple of weeks. Things are simmering down back to normal.

  • Dan

    I still prefer the sbsetting in it’s traditional spot, takes too much room in the notification screen 🙂

  • I still prefer UISettings rather than SBSettings on the NotificationCenter (although I still use SBS on Classic Mode).

    I… just think UIS fits better on the NotificationCenter. No actual other reason.

  • Michael Sacks

    what about music center? great app, very fluid

  • Michael Sacks

    what about musiccenter? great app, very fluid

  • i have all these i would also recommend the twitter thing its quite handy to tweet from my iphone 4s