Siri has certainly been at the forefront of tech news over the last few weeks. Since Apple introduced the digital assistant at its iPhone 4S event in October, it seems to be everyone’s favorite subject. And the question on everyone’s mind is, can it be ported to other devices?

To make a long story short, yes, it can. Although it’s not available to the public (and likely won’t be for some time, if ever), developers have managed to successfully port Siri to the iPhone 4. And as we’ve seen, it works really well. But why stop there?

Prominent jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich sent out an interesting tweet this morning saying that he had ported Siri to his iPhone 3GS with the help of chpwn and Steven Troughton-Smith. He even posted a video of the assistant functioning on his two-year-old handset, which you can see for yourself below.

He also said that he’s working on integrating his popular jailbreak tweak, Activator, with Siri. Interesting.

As aforementioned, it’s not likely that we’ll see Siri turn up on Cydia anytime soon. On top of the legal ramifications, there are several other hurdles keeping a port from reaching the masses. But at least we know it’s possible. Everything has to start somewhere, right?

  • nice but i still feel bad for people who have the 3gs

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, but you shouldn’t. Don’t worry, we’ll be just fiiine 😉

      • thnx but dont!! we are still the first ones who gets untethered 😉

    • Aram Kocharyan

      The 3GS has arguable withstood the test of time for 2+ years. In the fast paced industry of mobile phones, it’s extraordinary that it was recently claimed the second most sold handset in the US, two years after being released. It’s still supported by the latest firmware and runs smoother than it did in ios4. Not to mention that Apple still sells it! It’s a great phone and I think I’ll hang on to it and wait for the next decent iPhone release 🙂

    • But I <3 my 3gs so much.

  • jose castro

    thats cool but find a way to get around the legal stuff before posting stuff like this becuase as far as every buddy knows there will not be a port coming out for a long time.

  • WHY is there a led left of the ear speaker ?? When he is talking ? Or do I see it wrong ?

    • I wondered this too. Is it a hoax? 3gS does not have an LED on the front

      • Me TOO !!

      • que piid

        thats the censer that tells if the phone is up 2 ur ear

      • Anonymous

        I believe that is the proximity sensor

    • Anonymous

      Knowing it’s Ryan Petrich’s iPhone, he could’ve done anything he wanted to it 🙂

    • That’s on every iPhone. It’s something being picked up by his camera, invisible to the human eye. Not sure why it’s on, but it is trying to detect if there is something in front of it. Most likely related to “When putting phone up to ear to talk to Siri, screen will turn off”

    • Aram Kocharyan

      I believe it’s the side of the earpiece speaker reflecting light. Hold it at an angle.

  • No, its not right… If it exists and it is possible…

    Posts like these are plain useless… Who gives s shit if Siri is on the 3GS if no one can have it?

    • While it might not be interesting to you, it certainly is to other people.
      Please refrain from using such strong language in the comments on iDB. I understand you don’t like this post, but it’s no reason to use foul language.

      • Anonymous

        That’s right, Sebastien. Jorge Ribeiro, why open the post if it’s not of your interest? Are you that mentally challenged? It IS possible, and it is not available to the public YET. Grow up, kid.

      • Kok Hean

        Gosh, he reminded me of someone – Jon Garett. Yes, it may not be released, but at least we know that it is possible.

      • Anonymous

        EXACTLY! Jon Garrett, that pointless, immature, obsessed Android fanboy.

  • I have the 3GS while waiting for the 4s. I’m from Argentina 🙂

    • I have it too, Can’t afford the 4s 🙁 still a student

  • ok for all you guys wondering about this LED on the 3gs it isnt a LED it is the senzor it’s infrared or something and it is only visible trough a camera lens try presing a button on you TV Remote and pointing it to your camera and you will see it 😉 and i have an 3gs anf find this cool 😉

    • Anonymous

      Lol Ok i thought this was a load of bull but its true, the proximity sensor does activate and becomes visible to the recording device 🙂

      edit: actually if you look in a dark enough environment, as i just have, you can see it with your own eyes 🙂

      • From what I’ve seen I’ve never heard of a proximity sensor light up. Ever.

      • Anonymous

        yes me neither which is why i thought it was a load of bull. i grabbed my digital camera and switched to movie mode, then held the 3gs home button to activate voice control, as soon as voice control opened the sensor illuminated. i switched the house lights off (its midnight here) and tried with no camera and you can just barely make out a faint glow with the naked eye.

  • I wish someone would take the risk to release the port.

    • Yacko

      Not likely.

      1. Redistribution of copyrighted Apple files.

      2. Phone identity spoof gathered from a Siri-working 4s to fool Apple servers to respond. Apple would not be happy to see one phone ID in the hands of thousands of users.

  • kjlml;

  • I willing to Pay USD99 to Ryan Petrich, if he selling (“Siri” tweak iPhone4) on Cydia Store~

    • He’s gonna need a lot more money for the lawsuit, though.