With the release of Apple’s new smartphone this Fall, a lot of consumers have found themselves looking for a new case. It’s not that the handset’s design changed drastically, but the re-positioning of its mute and volume buttons rendered many old cases useless.

If you’re still in the market for a new iPhone case, TUAW has a good suggestion for you: the iPhone Wallet by Waterfield Designs. The accessory doubles as both an iPhone case and a wallet, leaving you with one less thing to carry…

The case is essentially a zip-up wallet with multiple card pockets and—you guessed it—a spot for your iPhone. The handset can be accessed through a touchable plastic window, allowing you to run the device without having to remove it from the zipped pouch.

TUAW‘s TJ Luoma says that the case is extremely well made, but it does have its caveats. For example, it’s fairly bulky, and if you plan on keeping a bumper on your iPhone the problem gets worse. “This isn’t a wallet for slipping into the back pocket of your skinny jeans.”

Although there are other wallet-case combo options, the iPhone Wallet makes a compelling case. And at $41 shipped, it’s nearly $30 cheaper than Twelve South’s BookBook cover. If you’re interested, you can pick one up from Waterfield Design’s online store.

What do you think of the iPhone Wallet?

  • oh heeeeeell no!

  • I have a BookBook cover and it works really well but when people see it almost everyone asks me if it’s a bible

  • Anonymous

    If a guy has to “carry” that everywhere, is a guy really GOING to “carry” that everywhere??

  • The words I’am looking for is
    Not now not ever not in a month of Sundays …

  • Jeff Benjamin


  • Anonymous

    I just threw up a bit in my mouth. Ugliest and silliest iPhone case I’ve seen in a while. Is it really such a challenge to leave the house with a wallet AND an iPhone?

  • It’s gay…if it zips it’s a purse…overpriced too just type iPhone wallet on eBay and u won’t pay more than $5 shipped from china

  • Not bad, useful if carrying 2 phones around.

  • This is great. So when I’m walking home at 4am in DC not only do I get my wallet jacked, my phone too. Terrible idea. If you buy this you should get punched in the nuts.

  • i wondering whr to put my syilling if i have many……

  • you lost ur wallet, u lost ur iphone