It’s no secret that I’m pretty pumped about Amazon’s Kindle Fire. While I know that may seem disgraceful to say on iDownloadBlog, I have to admit that the Fire looks sort of compelling.

The Kindle Fire is obviously no match for the iPad, but it isn’t trying to compete with the iPad — that’s why I think it’ll succeed. Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s talk about Kindle Fire for iPhone — a DreamBoard theme that make your iPhone look similar to Amazon’s upcoming foray into the world of tablets…

Kindle Fire for iPhone can be purchased on Cydia for $2.49. Admittedly, I think that’s a tad steep for the functionality that you get, but if you’re as pumped about the Fire as I am, you may deem it a worthwhile investment.

One thing to keep in mind is that this theme requires DreamBoard, which in turn requires a jailbroken iPhone.

For more coverage on iPhone themes, head over to our specialized Themes page for in-depth looks at a plethora of additional themes.

Hat tip to iPhoneman76 at iDeviceDaily for the heads up on the theme’s presence on Cydia.

What do you think about this theme?

  • jose castro

    i think they could of done a better job.

  • I’ve been using it all morning. It’ s ok IMO.

    At times my phone is a bit sluggish. But all in all it’s kinda cool.


  • this is gay- now why would someone want a $199.00 device look on an almost $700 device…

    magazines are not really magazines….this is taking your device down one level


    • jose castro


    • Kiel Wallace

      presumably they would prefer the interface of the cheaper device and want the features of the expensive device.

      “this is gay” — what are you 12?

  • Anonymous

    Why do this to your iPhone? I don’t understand the appeal.

    • Jeff Benjamin

      Some people just love themes. True enough, I’ll never fully understand it, but a lot of the DreamBoard themes are pretty nice and interesting.

    • Dan

      I used to buy themes, but after the 4th one I realized I always go back to classic. I like the suave HD free and the HTC weather animated perpagehtml widget. Keeps a classic iphone look with a little zing.

  • Anonymous


    Just kidding. The Kindle Fire does look really great. Keep up the good work

  • are u using semitethered jailbreak?

  • Anonymous

    Hey NONE could you do better than this I’M not like “Sebastien” the jerk who ask people to fuck off in a soft way but seriously can you do better. I know i can’t that’s why i appreciate it

  • it’s cool. but does it work for iPad and do u know when a jb for iPad 2 s coming out (untethered) I miss my jb!!!!

  • I know why people do this. It is because they are bored with the same boring interface. Even if the interface is excellent people want to change it up a bit from time to time no matter how cool an interface is after a while it gets old and its good to change it up a bit. Also it lets the owner feel like owning a new device without actually going out to buy a new device.You can always revert back once the novelty of it wears out. If you don’t get it then it’s just not for you.Some people enjoy customization and that is what this is about. They want to have a unique phone that doesn’t look like every other iphone out there thats all.

  • ha ha verry intresting