Today is Friday, the start of the weekend, but most importantly, today is the day we give away a bunch of iOS apps.

This week, we’ve got no less than 38 promo codes to distribute to our loyal and fast iDB readers. As usual, it’s on a first come first served basis because these codes can only be used once.

If you don’t know how this works, I suggest you read our post on how to redeem promo codes. Good luck…

We want to thank all the developers who made this giveaway possible. If you’re a dev and want to give your app away on iDB, get in touch with us.

Shanghai Mahjong

Shanghai Mahjong, one of the most popular games of all time, returns in this definitive edition. Whether you have two minutes or two hours you’ll quickly lose yourself in this classic tile-matching obsession. Shanghai has been carefully designed to look amazing on whichever device you decide to run it on: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

  • TTKFF397HJ7A
  • PLRL99X6TMT9

You can download Shanghai Mahjong for both the iPhone and iPad for $0.99 in the App Store.

iBrowse The Web Pro

Which browser have you been using lately on your iOS device? If its not iBrowse The Web Pro, well, then you have missing out on the great features iBrowse The Web has, such as multiple search engines, user agents spoofing, orientation locking, and more.

  • 474PATH9ELX4

iBrowse The Web is a universal download for iPhone and iPad for $0.99 in the App Store.

Media Safe

KYMS allows you to keep your photos and videos secret by hiding them behind a harmless calculator. The icon shown on your device after installing will be a simple calculator icon! Only knowing the password you’ll be able to access the private library.

  • W7Y3X7F7Y7EJ

Media Safe for iPhone and iPad is available in the App Store for $0.99.

Tip Tony

Tip Tony is a platform runner oriented for casual gamers, where our main character “Tony”, is an Italian waiter who works in a ship trying to get the best tip possible, grabbing money running along the ship’s deck.

  • 4AXAF99A3RFK
  • WK9J7JA3LJR9

If you wasn’t able to grab a promo code, you can always download Tip Tony in the App Store for $0.99.

Tip Tony HD

Same game as above, but this is the iPad version.

  • P44MYKJ3M7PF
  • 73LRAEXNE737

Tip Tony HD is available in the App Store for $0.99.

Mystery Ball

Help Fred overcome his fears by rolling him through dozens of physics-enabled, fully 3D worlds in his search to uncover the Professor’s Mystery in this Grand Experiment! Mystery Ball has HD graphics and retina support. Intuitive touch controls make this universal app easy to learn, yet challenging enough to keep you coming back for more.

  • 4KM6HXNFN7H4

You can get Mystery Ball in the App Store for $0.99.

  • Anonymous

    Come on , im starting to think theses are phoney , I hit theses up the second it posted, been reloading for 20 mins , and it’s still used

  • Thxxxx , i got Media Safe and iBorwse pro 😀

  • Oh, wow, I actually got one! The iBrowse one! I’m amazed. Thanks!

  • man i dont believe this.. i have a really big feeling this whole free promo is a scam.. i literally refreshed this page every 3-4 minute and once i saw the codes i tried to plug them in and got nothing..

    so either half of them have already been used by staff or something or somehow 38 codes were taken in a matter or seconds ..
    i donno.

  • Anonymous

    Seems more like a trick to attract traffic. how is it that all codes were redeemed within seconds??

  • all of them over? oh c’mon!!!

  • because there is too many of us going for it!

  • im with you on this one man.. i have a bigggg feeling these “free” promos are just a way to get some big numbers on their website for promoters $$.. maybe 10/38 are real and the rest have already been used by staff.

  • no scam at all, a friend of mine got one… thing is there is too many people, sign that this blog is quite popular among the iUsers.

    I might buy iBrowse nonetheless

  • I can’t believe this. We are giving stuff away – FREE stuff – and people still find a way to complain and accuse us of rigging the giveaway. That’s ridiculous!

    You know what? To make things easier for everyone, we’re not going to do these giveaways anymore. You won’t get any promo code but at least you’ll know why.

    • It’s about being quick…and using twitter for the heads up..I still didn’t get one , maybe next time…if there is a next time..

    • No dont stop one day I will win lol
      I didnt recieve anything maybe because Im slow but look ignore them
      keep it up with free stuff guys 🙂

    • I didn’t get anything either .. There are billions of ppl in the entire world and these jackasses don’t realize this .. lol Thanks iDB .. At least you guys tried ..

    • Anonymous

      This is a great blog man. Bad on our part that we blamed.. But i have a suggestion.. you can have this giveaway thing as a contest and announce winners later via twitter instead of sharing the codes with multiple people. Thanks.

      • Yes we could do that but it would take a lot of time just to coordinate everything. I love giving away stuff but I don’t want to have to spend an hour collecting Twitter ID, notifying people, etc… I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from with that, right?

    • Noooooooooo! Don’t stop. It is just that some idiots don’t know how to appreciate the giveaways. They are complaining just because they did not get it. I bet that if they had gotten it they would be praising iDB. This is about luck and it is not iDB’s fault that they have no luck. So all those who are complaining, SHUT UP! iDB you are doing a great job.

      • Thanks. It seems that as usual, it’s a small percentage of readers that are complaining. We got tons of emails asking us not to stop the giveaways so I guess we’ll keep doing them 🙂

  • I like these give-aways…. I kept an eye on the site, and managed to get all of them(except the iPad one since I don’t own one) I do note that the twitter post was made 5 minutes late, guessing all were gone by the time it hit twitter.

    • Follow @iDownloadblog….the heads up was about 30 mins before …

  • Gone..

    • These giveaways are US only anyway so you wouldn’t have been able to get one. Again, this is not our policy, it’s Apple’s who restrict promo codes to US only. There is absolutely nothing we can do against that.

      • Ohhhhhh! why didn’t you say so Seb. makes more sense now..

      • Oh…never mind…thanks anyway …

  • It’s a shame that these people that are complaining just ruined it for the rest of us =/ Its not a scam I got one of the codes that they posted a while back

  • All gone. That was quick.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not we’re not appreciative , it’s frustrating not to get not one single promo code for the third straight week

  • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

    I’m okay with coming late, I didn’t really want any of the apps.