WhatsApp, one of the most loved cross-platform messaging services, has reached a real milestone, with the news that its collection of apps are sending 1 billion messages per day.

Covering iOS, Android, and just about every other mobile platform out there, WhatsApp has one massive advantage over the likes of BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage, and that’s its cross-platform roots…

Sending almost 700,000 messages each and every minute is no small feat, and just goes to show how consumers are desperate to avoid SMS charges in countries where fees are disproportionate to the amount of data used.

“The mobile messaging market is moving, choices around platforms and their pricing and how they provide an amazing customer experience are the hot topics at hand. As a leader in the messaging space and with our network now handling over one billion messages a day, we see that the power is with the consumer.”

The astounding take-up is just another sign of the considerable mountain Apple’s iMessage has to climb. With existing iOS users clearly ensconced in the world of WhatsApp and other similar services, what do they have to gain from dropping it in favor of iMessage? On the contrary, the fact that iMessage is by design an iOS-only service could perhaps push people the opposite way until, one glorious day, we’re all iPhone owners.

Of course, as I’ve written about before, there could already be a real contender for the messaging crown in the guise of Google’s Gtalk system.

Do you use a third-party app to keep in touch with your friends via text, or are you falling in love with Apple’s iMessage?

  • iMessage will be a laugh just like Gamecenter, isolated.. message by email? they need a central system like facebook to make this work. Try adding 500 friends by email lol

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. They should really make it based on a username, not by email.

      • The problem with usernames is that if anyone uses it you will be forced to use another one, hence you might use a variation of your known username you like. It is more likely to be forgotten than your email, which no one CAN have but you. A lot simpler for the user and less stress.

        They should add however a display name to your account.

      • iMessage can’t even verify my phone number.. and it activates unsuccessfully

    • No Whammy

      It works by phone number as well. If you know an iPhone owner that you text regularly and you’ve both upgraded to iOS 5 with iMessage enabled, you don’t have to do a thing to start saving money. Your text thread will automatically start converting to iMessage and stop using SMS.

      Apple also added iMessage to iPads. That’s where the email address comes in for the average person.

  • Good for them, it’s a great app — even though personally I have basically stopped using it once all my friends had updated to iOS 5…! But I seem to be kind of “lucky” to have that many iPhone-owning friends so that I don’t have to bother with other means of communication…

  • iMessage is weird. I have tried it on my iPad. It accepts some phone numbers and refuses others. I was ready to switch to using it, but cannot because of the bugs it has. I still use BiteSMS on the iPhone. I did not know about WhatsApp. But I will certainly try it now.

  • There all the same.. you send messages for free but you have to be on wifi or have cellular data on. I’m looking for a cross platform app that doesn’t uses wifi to send messages for free. I pay like $2 for unlimited texting in our country. Its not bad. But free is better.

  • Can’t find WhatsApp in iTunes? What’s up with that?

    • Anonymous

      it’s happened to me too, sometimes it just disapears and pops up a few days later, noticed when I was looking it up for a friend

  • iMessage is really cool. way better than whatsapp. but not many frnds have ios. they have nokia, android, samsung, java based.. so definitely whatsapp would win..

  • Anonymous

    Everyone I know either has blackberry or android. I don’t bother with imessage, either use regular texts or whatsapp.

    I think it’s a nice addition for iPad users or iPod as they could not text in any other way.

  • Nikky Tiajaroen

    iMessage will never win as it does not allow iOS to communicate cross-platform e.g. Nokia, Andriod, Blackberry.

    By the way im switching to line and i can confirm that ‘LINE” blew whatsapp out of the water. Its like having viber+whatsapp integrated together. Go try it and i think it is free at the moment.

  • I never saw that apples goal was to takeover multi platform messengers with an iOS only platform. I’ve tried to convert people to whatsapp but they just opt for SMS instead. The fact is, it’s tough for many people to go without SMS because smartphones are still not the majority. I use imessage because it’s seamless and gives me mms ability since I have been using google voice and avoiding SMS fees for over a year (GV SMS extension ftw).

  • I do. I use Ebuddy XMS, once WhatsApp is not supported in iPod touches. and it’s amazing texting free with people. But, sometimes it’s instable and I have problems to send messages. I’d like to see WhatsApp usable in iPod touches, it’d be awsome!

  • Viber is better 🙂 its free, cross-platform, and with that you can make free call too 😉

  • Is Whatsapp less buggy than iMessage?

  • WhatsApp Now Sending 1 Billion Messages a Day!

  • Just getting my friends on ios5 is bad enough , none of them check for updates and some don’t even know about ios 5 and iMessage ..

  • Hiral Patel

    WhatsApp rocks!!! love it.. its cross platform. what else you want?? you can send audio as well 😀 i chate with people who has BB and android.. so its definitely the way to go.

  • My first iPhone was the 4S and using iMessage is useful but I’ve always found myself using WhatsApp when I was on my old BlackBerry and of course on my current iPhone.