Apple has been highly criticized for the glass panels it uses on the front and back of its smartphone. The design was introduced in 2010 with the iPhone 4, and has obviously stuck around with the unchanged iPhone 4S.

The glass casing means that the handset isn’t very durable. Luckily, cases can help protect it from drops and other accidents. In fact, Case-Mate makes one that will protect the iPhone from being run over by a large SUV…

MacRumors spotlights the new Tank iPhone case from Case-Mate. Typically, Otterbox has been the brand synonymous with durable iPhone cases, but it appears the Tank is looking to steal some of its thunder. Check out this promotional video:

How can the Tank take so much punishment? Here’s an excerpt from its product description:

“Modeled after motorcycle helmet engineering, Tank is designed with a hard, impact resistant exterior and a shock absorbing interior. A shatter resistant, polycarbonate hard shell combines with the thick, silicone cushioned interior. The retractable screen shields from impacts, cracking, and condensation, fully protecting the iPhone screen. The Tank exterior is made of a premium, soft grip texture that slides easily in and out of your pockets.”

If you’re looking for a highly-durable iPhone case, this might not be a bad route to go (if you don’t mind the extra bulk). The Tank is available from Case-Mate’s online store for $60.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt it is the toughest case out there. After having a Lifeproof case (look it up) i doubt anything can beat that. I also think that Lifeproof is still better since it can survive a bigger drop. I found it
    ‘weird’ that they didn’t compare it to the Lifeproof just to the Otterbox Defender (which many of us know it’s crap for true protection)

    • I’ve had an otterbox on my iPhone 4 since I’ve got it (about a year now) and its yet failed to not protect my phone. I work in the cable industry and I’ve dropped it from 10 ft onto pavement and didn’t have any problems with the phone or case. If those cases your talking about are that good, then why don’t we see or hear more from them. I’ll stick to my otterbox for now. It this tank looks like a pretty good alternative.

      • Anonymous

        Are you serious? Did you just use the retarded logic of fame and hype to justify why something is better then something else? Wow you must be a moron. Just because Otterbox is more known by the masses doesn’t mean it’s the best. Prime example the iPhone 4 is known worldwide and it wasn’t the best (spec wise but the OS made up for that) or the New York Yankess are known or have more coverage then any other baseball team but that doesn’t mean they are the best (as in this year sadly, since I am a die-hard yank fan). If you want to find the best you research it. Instead of just blindly fellowing everyone else actually do your homework and don’t apply stupid logic to things. The Otterbox case is good for normal bumps, and this seems to be even better, but the best I’ve seen is the Lifeproof case, (even though some may say Tech 21’s case is better, Lifeproof’s doesn’t pop off like the Tech 21 case). If you don’t believe me and you “supposedly” work for the cable industry, you should hae no problem testing he Lifeproof case out. However if you don’t want to waste the money then youtube videos or the Lifeproof case and Lifeproof vs Otterbox (although you should just buy and see it in person like I did).

      • Anonymous

        Yes LIfeproof is a much better case. I switched to Lifeproof from Otterbox and Lifeproof is a miilion times better, hands down!

      • M L

        Yes but has lifeproof fixed the issue of the screen protector NOT sitting flush against the screen? Where there is some air between and sounds like hitting a blackberry keyboard when touching the screen.

      • Anonymous

        I have no idea of what you are talking about; the keys feel fine to me, no problem with them at all.

    • jo-macral

      Lifeproof case is a godsend, and looks good too (not like a Tank). The phone still looks sexy, and resilient to anything that can happen in daily life, even answering the phone in a downpour which happens quite often here during the monsoon season.

  • Anonymous

    might buy this for a friend- she’s cracked her screen FOUR times, lol crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Take a look at this one This is the case I have and it is awesome, specially in the pool.

    • Anonymous

      I never had that problem (the screen thing) but they said they fixed it.

  • Anonymous

    In my shop phones come in cracked all day long. They come in cracked inside of an otterbox. No case is fool proof. Drop it hard enough or a certain way and it will still crack. However I have never seen one come in my shop in a life proof. But those aren’t widely known thougj

  • Dan

    I just might buy a lightproof case! (checked out the website)

  • That is the ugliest POS case I’ve ever seen. An iPhone with a shattered screen looks better than that case. An iPhone with poop smeared on it even looks better.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting. I like it. iPod Touch case please?

  • I bought a tank when they first came out, its already cracked around the right side and I’ve not even dropped it. Tough is the one thing this case is not

  • jose z

    This product bull sh.t, I got one and by the time I used it I never bump or drop my iPhone and the case is cracked. 5 Thumbs down out of 5. I think otterbox is way better than this crap.

  • Abby Moulton

    thats an ugllyyy case