Android phones have been proven to break, malfunction, and require more repair costs than iPhones and even Blackberries.

The cheapness of most Android handsets is costing the telecoms a staggering $2 billion per year, according to a report from wireless services firm WDS…

Reuters reports:

Costly hardware failures are more common on Android devices than on Apple Inc iPhones and Research In Motion Inc BlackBerry phones, which have strict control over the components used in their devices, WDS data showed.

“While this price point sounds very attractive, when you look at a total cost of ownership its a different story,” said Tim Deluca-Smith, Vice President of Marketing at WDS, which offers device management and call center services to operators.

This exact same argument has been applied by Apple fans to the Mac vs. PC debate for years. While it’s true that Apple’s competitors sell cheaper products, repair and technical support can end up adding more to the overall cost of a PC or Android purchase than it would cost to by a product from Apple up front. WDS says that it can cost an average of $127 to send an Android phone to a carrier for repair, and that happens more frequently than the telecoms would like to admit.

The iPhone has won the JD Power customer satisfaction survey every year since its inception, and the device’s retention rate is off the charts. Apple is widely known for having the best quality consumer technology products on the market.

Here’s what WDS had to say after its study:

Deluca-Smith said that, while Android has helped take smartphones to masses of people, it has come at a cost, especially when telecommunications operators roll out cheaper devices from less-known brands.

“At the moment, Android is a bit of the Wild West,” he said.

Yet people still think that Android is doing better in the market.

You can get into market share specifics, but in the end, numbers don’t lie. The iPhone is doing phenomenally well on a global level. Selling more units does not equal making more people happy.

WDS’s study consisted of 600,000 technical support calls recorded from Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia. You can read the full report on BGR if you’re interested.

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  • Can agree with this. Owned several iPhones over the latest years (3G, 3GS, 4) and all of them have survived drops etc..

    Got an Desire S through my work and after two months the screen cracked…

    Yes. Probably just had luck with my iDrops but anyway..

  • Anonymous

    um… thank god for purses. I’m suuper clumsy and I’ve only ever dropped one phone. And I was schwasted so, I’m thinking normal non-clumsy people shouldn’t have these problems.

  • Antonio Castro

    had all iPhones since they came out, drops and all, they are still working and i usually give them away when i upgrade….i can’t say that the wife (IT lady) likes android nd she is on her 3rd…this year alone…thank god for insurance…

  • Gus Me

    I’m on my 4th iDevice, and my kids managed to break an iPod Touch, the 3 iPhones I’ve owned have stood up very well. I work outside, and have had just normal cases, no Otter type cases. I’ve also seen busted up iPhones too. I’m going to go with a combination of a good build and people possibly being more careful with their iDevices.

  • The comparison can’t really be called fair though, for the same reason neither os can be honestly compared. The iPhone probably holds up well against most cheaper phones, it doesn’t necesarily mean no Android could outlast an iPhone. The os itselfe is more stable though, no contest there.

  • Anonymous

    As the owner of a cell phone repair shop I have been repairing phones since the razor. I have seen both apple iOS and android. And have to say I completely disagree. Both iPhone and android. Or rather the phones android comes on are equally the same. iPhone’s are cheaper to repair simply do the fact that iPhone is much more abundant that others. However android software sucks bad. They are constant having software issues where the iPhone rarely has software issues. Yes. Most Samsung and Htc phones are much more expensive to repair. But both phones are easily broken the same. One drop. And it breaks. Apple Samsung Htc. There all the same.

    I also repair Mac and pc. And once again I would have to say I see both Mac and pc come through my doors.

    Yes I see more pc. But that’s what the market is satuated with.

    It’s all about numbers.

  • The only thing android has is 4g besides that it has nothing on apple.

  • Painman

    I quite like this blog but it would be much better if it just concentrated in iOS devices and stopped trying to take every opportunity to have a dig at Android devices.

    the market has room for all contenders and competition is good for the consumer.

  • I have had a 3G and 4, dropped the 3G a number of times and other various beatings, the 4 only about 3 drops. Both have survived through it all.

    My brother has a T-Mobile Inspire 4G. He is on this 4th one this year. One due to cracked screen. One lost the hearing in the earpiece, so it only had speakerphone. One was just a defective piece all together and had to get another the same day. This current one has lasted for about 3 months so far and still working like a champ though.

    I will say that we both work in an auto repair shop, so these phones do get dirty, dust in speakers, oil on them, bumped on/against hard surfaces, etc.