Well, it didn’t take long for Google to remove its new Gmail app for iOS from the App Store. Just about 3 hours after it was first available, it is now nowhere to be found.

If you try to download the app right now, you’ll be greeted with an error message telling you the item you requested is not currently available in the US Store. If you’ve already downloaded and tried to use the Gmail app, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that Google already took it down…

Let’s be honest. The app is a disgrace. The first thing you see upon launching the app is an error message, then once you get passed that, you basically have nothing more than the Gmail web app wrapped in a decent-looking UI. No push notifications, no support for multiple accounts, etc.

You’d think that Google would know better by now. They know that every Apple blog out there is waiting for them, yet they decide to release a half-baked product.

Google will probably “fix” some of the issues of the app and resubmit to Apple soon, but realistically, what they should do is throw it all out and start again from scratch.

  • MrA

    Google’s confirmed on its blog that the Gmail app contains a bug that breaks notifications, and it’s pulled the app while it fixes it. A new version is promised “soon.”

    I think it’s good google took note of the problem, removed the app, and is working to resolve the issue.

  • Jordan

    No wonder android sucks so bad…Google needs better developers!

  • Rick

    Downloaded and installed it when I saw the blog post. Stayed on my phone for exactly 30 seconds after I fired it up. What a POS!! WTF would I use that when Gmail thru Exchange works beautifully??

  • Maia

    Wow! I’m not surprised though. I had the app for literally two minutes and then I deleted it!

  • SpideyRules

    Same here. App installed, gone two minutes later…

    Doesn’t Apple test anything before approving apps? I know the fault for this all resides on Google, but still, com’on Apple. A little due diligence please?

  • Aric

    I’ve been accessing my Gmail on my iPhone for a long time now without issue. This app seems about as useful as a third party calculator even though iPhone comes with a calculator.

    • CrazyBraulz


  • Jav

    What a failure!

  • sOleFresh

    ThiS whole post and comments just makes me LOL