Siri hasn’t even been around a month yet, and she’s already the talk of the town. At first everyone was obsessed with asking her quirky questions, and now folks seem to have turned their attention to the status of her iPhone 4 port.

But it doesn’t look like Siri’s 15 minutes of fame are up just yet. It seems that hackers have figured out a way to create custom voice commands for the personal assistant, and they’ve even managed to get Siri to respond to them…

Jailbreak developer chpwn announced last night that he has been involved in another breakthrough regarding Apple’s voice command system. With his help, Aman Gupta (a GitHub hacker) has figured out how to add new Siri commands.

Gupta showed off the hack by posting photos on his Twitter account of Siri recognizing and responding to his custom commands. Here’s one of the pics showing Siri responding to a command that clearly wasn’t programmed by Apple.

Don’t get too excited, the method these guys used is quite complicated. And like the Siri port, it’s no where near ready for mass distribution (if it ever will be). But it’s cool to know it’s possible. Imagine being able to program your own Siri commands.

What would you program her to do?

  • Really would love it if we can get siri port on our iphone 4 or touch 4 or even ipads

    • John

      Why? Do you not have any human friends to talk to?

      • AsianLeader

        Lame …

  • I’d program her to jailbreak

    • Paingod

      Actually that’s would be obsolete by then because in order to have siri learn the new commands, it needs to be already jailbroken.

  • Elmer Fudd

    How long until siri works on my ipod nano?

    • Joe

      2 seconds

  • Gravemind2401

    id have her make me a sandwich

    • Wonkieinc

      The sandwich is a lie

  • DebTym

    Oh well another news again

  • Rick

    Why do you continue to post stuff on this blog that us normal people will never be able to program, or may never come to exist for the masses ? (Don’t get too excited, the method these guys used is quite complicated). I get the feed from this blog for real news-if you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, trust me, it’s OK not to post 4-5 items a day. Your blog is good, but in all the hype and rumormongering surrounding the iPhone “5”/4s, it de-generated into a rumor mill. Stick to hard news, or relevant news to the majority of us, rather than all the “wouldn’t it be cool if the iPhone/Siri/iPad could do this. . . . . blah, blah, blah. . . .

    • Because we wouldn’t know about this stuff without people reporting it dumbass

    • G

      And I read the comments section for intelligent comments. Not for waste of time “dont post these stories” comments.

    • Taba

      Lol, calm down.

      • Taba

        That was in reply to Rick

  • kokhean

    “Siri, speak Mandarin Chinese.”


  • Buster

    I have notice some sour ass pussies coming into IDB making woman-like comments. If u don’t like the author’s story then don’t read. If u don’t like the majority of the author’s stories, then u need to get your ass a new website to troll.

    • Yeah

      Yeah you busted cunts

      • Ins0mniac

        I do agree though. Every second story here, there’s some tool in the comments telling us why something isn’t newsworthy. Use a fucking RSS reader and scroll past the stories you don’t like the sound of, mkay?

    • m

      i’m a woman and i resent that statement. but i do agree with the general statement.

    • Zack

      this is so insanely true! It’s one of the reasons I love iDB too! No whiney ass Android trolls. People just comment on stuff they like. Android doesn’t come up in EVERY comment feed.

  • C-LoS

    Telling Siri to activate SBSetting would be awesome… Siri “turn off wifi” and wifi turn off 🙂 you get my point now

    • Woops

      Yeah we get it now…

  • Fanboys

    There is just as many bitches crying on here about some1 elses post, take your own advice and if you don’t like a comment then move on, instead you make yourself out to be just as much of an anus as the person you are moaning about !!

    • Simon Reidy

      I love the way you:

      a) can’t use a reply button.

      b) totally miss the irony of yourself taking the time to bitch about someone bitching 🙂

      • Fanboys

        Why would I use the reply button you fag, the comment wasn’t a reply to 1 person it was to several, that’s your “a” nullified. As for “b”, stating a fact about previous posts cannot be bitching.

        0 for 2 on that 1 you douchebag !!

      • G

        Well said Simon.

      • Xepptizz

        Nope, simon pretty much owned your ass. ‘stating the facts’ is in this case bitching in denial.

  • Geta4S

    Good to know.

    Keep up the good work and avoid the trolls

  • Vitica7

    often times reading the comments more interesting than the news itself

    • helvan

      Hahaha so true.

    • Xepptizz

      And so every article has it’s own merit for various people 🙂

  • FREE

    I would program Siri to order me a hooker, then kill her.

  • Can I get Siri to sound and act like GLaDOS please? Well without the treat of death by deathly neurotoxin, turret or rocket launcher fire. 🙂

  • Luca D’Intino

    post to facebook.

  • That is great news. I have messed around with Siri on a friend’s 4s, and I thought there was much room for improvement needed, mostly because lack of commands I am guessing. I would like to see Siri perform more ACTIONS rather than just finding INFO…. for example, telling Siri to take a photo, or (with jailbreak) turn on flashlight, to “free memory”, or to start any of the given apps one has on their I-device. I am not sure if that is possible, or if Siri can only respond within Siri (and can’t control outside apps), but IT IS able to link a user to emails or text messages, which is NOT within Siri, so I don’t see why it couldn’t link the user to other apps and functions. Can’t wait for it to be ported for iphone4!!!! 🙂