According to PatentlyApple, Apple was awarded another 14 patents yesterday from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Out of the 14 recognized inventions, two of them really stood out.

The two patents are related to multi-touch technology, and could come in handy in the ongoing patent war between Apple and Android partners. In fact, one of the filings relates to the touch-screen tech found in the original iPhone…

The first multi-touch patent describes “front-end signal compensation” on a display, and the second describes a method of combining an LCD screen with a touch panel to save power and space inside an electronic device.

Steve Jobs reportedly hit the roof when he saw HTC unveil a handset in early 2010 that offered a lot of the same features as the iPhone—particularly multi-touch features like pinch-to-zoom.

Yeah, don’t be shocked if these patents turn up in a courtroom.

  • Gabe


  • Burge

    Unless it was patented before the device comes out theres nothing Apple can do..
    If they can patent stuff after the fact , no company will make new products.,

    • Dear clueless,

      One of the patents was filed January 2007.

      • Burge

        And it’ says that where in the post ?..I don’t expect to read a post and then have to go looking on the net for dates and such..

  • I love Disqus.

  • nice! I love the comment page!

  • Anonymous

    Yea I’m digging this new disqus. Looks like apple is going to be taking a lot of android manufactures to court with these new awarded patents. Just like jobs said before he passed away that he was going to destroy android.

  • Anonymous

    Strange.. I had a HTC touch that was out 2 years before the iphone was released and it had a touch screen. I hope Apple gets what they deserve.

    • which iPhone model are you referring to?

  • Anonymous

    Hey you have disqus, thanks! 🙂